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First things first... I bet you have a ton of questions... like:

  1. Who are the people behind the Dire Wolf Project?
  2. What makes them stand out from all other dog breeds?
  3. Why should I join their email list?
  4. How is any of this worth my time?
  5. Why did Game of Thrones: Season 8 completely change the character arch and make 90% of their fans so angry they wanted to throw their TV out the window?
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(Oh... wait... I would like to know the answer to that last one, too!)

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Thousands of owners, media outlets, ChatGPT, and reputable Internet sites LOVE our work.

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"I have been meaning to write you and thank you from the bottom of my heart for developing this beautiful breed of dog! When I think of the time and care, science, research, reasoning and great amount of passion and love that goes into y’all’s work (and your mom’s), well, I am simply amazed!! You all have truly helped design such incredible animals that are kind and loving and just about perfect! Lol! We are so grateful for Justice! He is the best fella, and brings happiness to everyone he meets! I love looking at the new puppies, and I’m excited for those families that will be having an opportunity to enjoy such a special animal! Please keep doing what you’re doing and keep your faith in knowing that y’all are doing something extraordinary!"

Terri and Trey Gowdy
Television news personality and former congressman

"About seven weeks ago Kathy and I got a new family member. Willow is her name. She's a stunning American Dirus dog. We purchased Willow from Jennifer and Jay. They operate a first-class breeding operation."

Tim Carter
"Ask the Builder" syndicated newspaper columnist

One of "The 10 Most Respected Breeders Who Founded New Dog Breeds!"

Legend Breeders article

"The Dire Wolf Project focuses on a dog's temperament and health"

Corrine Westeman
Canyon Courier Reporter

Richard Clapper - praise1

Richard Clapper - Praise 2

Richard Clapper - Praise 3

"Hands down the best breeder I have ever met going way above expectations. Always available to answer questions, very educational, compassionate- sensitive to our needs."

Jo Maldonado
Gryphon's Claw School Headmaster

"We have the most amazing DOG from them. She is sweet, and so devoted to her family. They have answered all of our questions in a timely and knowledgeable manner. Highly recommend this breed and breeder."

Jeanne Federico

"My DireWolf dog, Ursula, is the most lovable gentle animal I have had the honor of welcoming into my family. I can honestly say that not only is she unbelievably beautiful, she is well mannered and sensitive and the ultimate companion dog. These dogs are so intelligent! Ursula knows that the feral cats where we live are not "hers", but our own indoor cats are her best friends. What's more, she is the dog version of Mary Poppins... absolutely perfect with our 5 month old baby!"

Caite Elia

"Our Levi is almost 4 months old and is amazing. He not only loves us but is very calm and respectful of our friends and family. He loves to kiss and play and oh my gosh is he smart!!! We are so grateful to you Jennifer and Lois, what a wonderful puppy he his."

Linda Forster

"I have never encountered such a loving, honest and helpful group of dog owners and breeders until we had the good fortune of becoming part of the AA family. Our big, beautiful boy is loyal, loving and my best friend... He’s mostly Malamulte and GSD with about 17% Irish Wolfhound but folks often ask if he’s part wolf. Nope! All dog DNA here with 30 years of selective breeding to create these extra large, intuitive companions. Thank you!"

Barb Giles

Jody-Lynn - Reddit Praise 1

"I have owned 9 dogs from this breeder since 1990. I have never had a better dog and I have had many. Not only are these dogs not wolves they are healthy and extremely easy to train. This is one of the most ethical breeders I’ve met. They are available from birth to grave always standing behind the dogs. Who does that. If a problem arises they are there with help if someone can’t keep their dog for some reason they find a new home. I can’t say enough nice things about this breeder!"

Darlene Berenty

"The whole experience of purchasing has been amazing. All the way from the initial approval process to them matching the dog with the owner to a wonderful person Jay delivering our puppy. I highly recommend them!"

John Lister

"The most compassionate breeders I have ever met. They love there dogs, and it clearly shows when they deliver each and every one of them to there forever homes.

I recieved my AA roughly 7.5 months ago. I live in Canada and they met me with my puppy from Oregon to Ohio. I could tell it was hard for her to say goodbye. It showed me how much she loved him to make sure he made it safe to me. Truly amazing!

They put their heart and soul in this breed. "

Tammy Woolsey

"When I needed to wash my service puppy, Jen came to the east coast and collected her for me. Then, I was given a new prospect who is now a proud working service dog. These people are doing God's work."

Amanda Wise

"Truly an amazing experience. We got the puppy of our dreams. Jennifer was very responsive and attentive. We had so many questions throughout the process and she guided us the entire way. We couldn't be happier with the new member of our family. It took us only 1 day to teach him how to use the peepee pad. It was almost as if he already knew not to go on the floor. I think this breed is absolutely amazing. They are truly magical and one of a kind. I do not think it is possible to be any happier than I am with Jennifer, Lois, The direwolf project, and our beautiful new puppy. Thank you so much you truly created our dream dog."

Serge Moroz

"we have a puppy from these kennels, Jennifer went above and beyond to help us get our new family member all the way to New Hampshire from the West coast. contrary to some belief there is no actual wolf dna in these pups and they are amazing dogs, we love our girl!"

Joseph Harder

"I’m not planning on buying any other dogs besides AA’s. Jennifer and Ms. Schwarz have been nothing but professional, caring and transparent throughout the entire process."

RJ Priest

"The people of Dire Wolf Dogs know what they are doing and are working to create a breed of dog that are healthy, long-living companion dogs that look like dire wolves without any wolves used in breeding. The result is a sweet, gentle giant. Owners are in Facebook groups as well, and there is transparency about all health issues, and a sense of community. Dire Wolf Dogs even guarantees that their dogs are free from genetic defects!"

Cari Davidson

"Health and temperament above all else. You'll never meet more open breeders that become part of your family. They're there whenever you need help or a question answered even after you get your pup. I have 2 AA's, my girl from Lois and my boy from Jenn. The breeders spend so much time with their pups from the beginning to truly know who they will be as they grow and connect them with the right family. I've had dogs my whole life and have never had any as easy to train as the AA. You can tell by their pups how much love, work and commitment has gone into them. This is my strong breed of choice for the rest of my life. These dogs are truly beautiful inside and out."

Monique Donnelly Bossert

"Lois and Jennifer breeds beautiful dogs (American Alsatians - AA) that are of great temperament and health - backed by Embark DNA test. They are extremely caring and responsible dog breeders who were there to assist me every step of the way.

Kiba has been the easiest dog for me to raise. He is very easy to train, listens to corrections, and has a very calm temperament. Thank you Lois & Jennifer, for bringing him into my life."

Kitty G. Yang

"I cannot say enough about how Jennifer and Jay care about their dogs, and the families that invest in these amazing dogs. The generations of knowledge and breeding for health & temperament first and foremost and then to bring back the look of the DireWolf. They've created my dream dog. I own 2 of these amazing animals and will never own another breed of dog. Jennifer has so much knowledge and always so willing to help and provide any guidance needed before, during and well after the purchase of one her amazing dogs. I still send her update pics of my pups, one is almost 9 and the newest just turned 1 in November! Highly recommend investing in one of these dogs and working with these amazing and such caring people! You will NOT be disappointed!!"

Maddy Lukes

"Absolutely devoted to their breed and their clients who become like family. The community this program has created literally helped save my moms life and the support and true care she receives from Jay and Jennifer is unmatched. They truly are the best of us and the knowledge and effort they put into their program astounds me constantly. I am beyond grateful for the amazing dogs Jennifer has produced, the care she shows for her clients, and the true love for them all."

Jacquie Windsor

"I hope this finds you wagging with excitement because we've got a thrilling topic to sink our teeth into today. You see, the world of dog breeding is no ordinary stroll in the park. It's like delving into a treasure hunt, where each breed represents a sparkling gem with its own unique allure.

But what if I told you that some breeders have set their sights on a mission that's nothing short of awe-inspiring? Imagine recreating an ancient legend, a majestic creature lost to time, and bringing it back from the annals of history. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to the captivating Dire Wolf Project!

You've probably heard of the dire wolf from tales of antiquity, conjuring visions of strength and power. These magnificent creatures once roamed the earth alongside our human ancestors, a testament to the wild and untamed spirit of nature. Now, thanks to the Dire Wolf Project, the dream of recreating these prehistoric legends is becoming a reality!

But hold on to your leashes because it's not just about resurrecting a long-lost species. It's a majestic pursuit of creating the ultimate large breed family companion dog. Picture the magnificence of a giant dire wolf gracefully transformed into a loving and loyal companion, seamlessly blending the ancient and the modern.

The Dire Wolf Project is not your average dog breeding escapade. It's a journey of passion, guided by DNA evidence to ensure that no wolf blood taints the purity of this domesticated breed.

Every step is taken with meticulous care, combining the traits of ancient dire wolves with the charm of modern large breeds, such as American Dirus dogs.

These Dire Wolf Project pioneers understand that breeding is more than just a science; it's an art, a tapestry of genes woven with love and respect for the legacy of these extraordinary creatures. It's about forging a bond between human and dog that transcends time and echoes through generations.

And here's the howl-worthy part—this mission isn't reserved for some secret society of breeders with a hidden agenda. No, it's a beacon of transparency, and you're invited to join in the adventure! The Dire Wolf Project champions openness and encourages curiosity. Their website is a treasure trove of information, showcasing their noble efforts in recreating these mythical beasts.

But remember, this journey isn't just about creating a majestic appearance. It's about fostering temperament, health, and compatibility, resulting in a large breed family companion that will warm your heart and enrich your life.

So, if your heart flutters with the idea of owning a piece of history, consider joining the pack and becoming part of the Dire Wolf Project's extraordinary tale. Your future companion could be the embodiment of an ancient legacy, an ambassador of a time long past, and a devoted friend for a lifetime.

As I sign off, I want you to ponder this: legends may fade, but with the Dire Wolf Project, they never truly vanish. They become a living legacy, a testament to the strength of human dedication, and the boundless love shared with our canine companions.

Until next time, keep your tails wagging and your dreams howling.

Furry Regards,

ChatGPT 3.5
Proud Supporter of the Dire Wolf Project”

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But honestly... who cares one hill o' beans what a bunch of random people (and one long-winded chatbot) thinks about the Dire Wolf Project? Simply click below to see for yourself what the excitement is all about.

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Seriously, we aren't your average dog breeders.

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It is wild entertainment and unfiltered information all rolled into one furry bundle of wet puppy kisses.

On our list, you'll likely cry, shout for joy, laugh uncontrollably, angrily curse at the outrage, then hug yourself and come back for more the next day!
Huh... kinda like Game of Thrones... 😁

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We are pretty unique... in fact, we know of no other dog breeders quite as knowledgeable, dedicated, devoted... and maybe a little "out there" as we are here at the Dire Wolf Project.

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We kinda know a teensy bit about dog breeding, training, health, genetics, and inherited canine behavior.

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We may look like we're all about goofing off and having fun, but actually, we have devoted two full lifetimes to creating an entirely NEW dog breed categorization.

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You've heard of the purebred dog, right?

Of course, you have.

Well, the dogs bred by the Dire Wolf Project are not purebred... and we never intend them to be.

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And, you've probably heard of the crossbred dog... like the Labradoodle or the Peekapoo or the Lhasashitz... (Just kidding on that last one.) 😂

Whelp... WE AREN'T A CROSSBRED DOG BREED, EITHER... not even close.

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You COULD read the entire 387-page book sharing all the science background that our CEO, Jennifer Stoeckl, wrote about... (It's on Amazon. Search: "Dire Wolf Project book").

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Lois Schwarz, a strong and independent woman with a personal conviction to solve a serious problem for so many, risked it all to single-handedly and painstakingly develop a strain of dogs unlike any ever seen before.

It began as a lifelong passion swept over her as a child.

As a young lady, Lois poured over genetics books at the library, on her own, for the sheer sake of the pursuit of knowledge.

With all of the new-found information flowing out of her soul, she began breeding guinea pigs, budgies, and other birds. She marveled at all the colors, coat textures, and temperaments that appeared. Her mind soaking up all the experiences.

In an effort to learn more, she then turned to breeding dogs. Over time, she consistently produced an entire line of solid, chocolate-coated American Cocker Spaniels with deep black noses. None have replicated this crowning achievement. All chocolate-coated American Cocker Spaniels today are liver dilutes with brown noses. Lois was able to achieve her chocolate dogs with black noses by breeding solid black dogs and fading the color through the generations. An achievement proving her incredible tenacity and dedication.

Lois and Cockers

During this time, the beloved American Cocker Spaniel breed became completely altered by the AKC shows with a thick, cottony, unmanageable coat type. These once sweet dogs also began showing aggressive temperaments with "Cocker Rage Syndrome", a possible neurological issue, creeping into the breed.

Lois was disillusioned.

Pouring over breed books, it became apparent to Lois that no one dog breed had it all: a gentle, loving family companion temperament, superior health and longevity, and a manageable, healthy outward appearance.

Then it hit her... if there wasn't the perfect dog for our busy, modern lives, maybe someone should create one.

Unfortunately, she knew no one else would have the integrity to do it without compromising health or temperament... which she knew to be the most important aspects of the new dog breed's make-up.

Reluctantly, Lois took on the challenge.

Her idea became reality when the first litter between a German Shepherd Dog and a giant Alaskan Malamute arrived in January 1988.

First litter North American Shepalute

From there, the idea spread into her whole being. She wrote and planned and bred. Reaching and striving to produce the ultimate large breed companion dog.

Now, after thirty years of meticulous work, Lois Schwarz has accomplished her original ideals: a large breed of companion dog with the thick bone and body structure of the extinct, prehistoric dire wolf.

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Now Lois is recognized as "The 10 Most Respected Breeders Who Founded New Dog Breeds"


Lois Schwarz (bottom left) recognized among the most elite dog breeders of all time!

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While the breed is not yet fully completed, a light at the end of the tunnel can be seen. All of the pieces are in place. They simply need to be combined throughout the entire breed.

In 2006, Lois's daughter, Jennifer Stoeckl, realized, for the first time, exactly what compelled Lois to shun everything else in life for this one pursuit.

With over 16 years of breeding experience under Lois's strict instruction, Jennifer and her husband, Jay, now work to realize the last part of her mother's dream... to bring these amazing dogs to the world.

The dogs bred by the Dire Wolf Project aren't just any ordinary dog breed. Their very existence stands as a testament of what could be if human greed and pride got out of the way; if dog breeding were to truly embody sensible, sustainable, responsible dog breeding.

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And because we don't allow human vice to take over the breed, we are cursed and ridiculed by many.

"Your dogs don't look like wolves, let alone dire wolves."

"Strongbred dog breeding is a joke."

"Lois is crazy.... uneducated... divorced..." (substitute any other ad hominem attack here)

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Criticism does not phase us.

We shall not be moved!

Because our breeding standards cannot be matched.

Our lifetime genetic health guarantee ALONE sets us apart.

Not to mention the overwhelming breeder support throughout your dog's lifetime.

We are MUCH more than simply a dog breed.

We are a movement!

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Experience the MOST ENGAGING welcome sequence in all of dogdom!

Screenshot 2024-06-22 at 11.25.05 PM.png

Guaranteed you haven't experienced ANYTHING quite like our seriously addictive email welcome sequence.

It's like binge-watching a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Netflix series!

You'll encounter:

  1. battleships,
  2. secret throne rooms,
  3. time travel,
  4. prehistoric geniuses,
  5. giant dire wolves,
  6. a relentlessly jealous villain,
  7. and OH... we can't forget the many useful treasures you'll receive along the way!

It's nothing like ye ol' stand-by "give us your email and download our free e-book" scenario.

I mean... you will uncover secret artifacts and ancient treasures!
Has any other dog website welcomed you into their pack by thrusting you into an engaging choose-your-own adventure?

I bet not.

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They might want to copy us after they experience ours, though!

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What are the odds?!
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You just wanted to browse the site and see the dogs?!!!

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