The extinct, prehistoric Dire Wolf was the largest canid to ever roam our planet. Travel back in time to learn about this mysterious giant predator that haunts our nightmares only to vanish in a sudden genetic demise from earth’s landscape almost without a trace.

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How did the dire wolf's size compare to the gray wolf?

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Why did the dire wolf become extinct?

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What was life like for a Dire Wolf?

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Was a Dire Wolf really large enough to ride into battle?

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Did the Dire Wolf begin the domestication process?

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How and when were the first fossils found?

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Was the Dire Wolf Really a Wolf?

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Where in the world did Dire Wolves live?

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Did the Dire Wolf evolve in North America?

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Find out more about the two types of Dire Wolves!

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Did dire wolves migrate north from South America?

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Did dire wolves go extinct because of disease?

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A Canadian museum's basement treasure trove!

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Badly fragmented jaw bone finally identified