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Jay and Yeti

Dire Wolf Project, Inc. values the ideal of a free market system in which an individual has the legal right to own and use property as one sees fit and to sell or give property to others on terms of their own choosing. Furthermore, we believe that a free market capitalist economy produces the most wealth for the most people, as proven throughout history. The unrestricted production of goods and services allows each individual, regardless of class, race, or creed, to profit from his/her own labor or innovation. Whenever someone or something interferes with another's ability to produce goods or services, we believe it is the government's duty to uphold that individual's right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness through a just judicial system. We uphold the strength of the individual to know what is best for his/her own life and reject the notion that a certain elitist ruling class must govern an inferior or subordinate mindless working class.

Dire Wolf Project, Inc. is proudly a for profit family and woman-owned corporation. When Lois Schwarz began her breed in 1988, she first noticed a serious need in our busy, modern lives for a large to extra-large dog breed that lived a long life (12+ years) and did not possess the high-drive, energetic working dog temperament of other large breeds of dog at the time. The Dire Wolf Project continues to value Lois's goal of producing healthy, long-lived dogs that fit seamlessly within our modern lives.

The Dire Wolf Project acknowledges God (a power greater than ourselves) as the Sustainer of all life. As closely as possible, we follow the breeding principles laid out in nature as it produces superior health and longevity, far surpassing any of our own human capabilities. We experience this dynamic by comparing domesticated dog breeds produced with eugenics-era purity principles compared to the ebb and flow, balanced breeding practices within nature's animal kingdom that has sustained wolves for millennia.

We also see that humankind has led animals to be euthanized by the tens of thousands every year. Our dogs are never found in animal shelters because we believe each breeder should be responsible for each and every dog they birth into the world until its death. We reject the notion a certain group of individuals espouse that dog breeders must fall into a very narrow construct in order to be deemed "responsible". We do not believe in a health prevention model breeding system, which dictates unhealthy and unsustainable breeding criteria. Instead, we adhere to a disease elimination model breeding system where both DNA, formal and informal health testing, and trial mating aid in eliminating genetic disease in dogs. We call this balanced way of breeding the strongbred™ dog and work to improve breeding conditions for all dog breeds around the globe.

The Dire Wolf Project seeks to right a wrong that has been perpetrated on our beloved furry companions, namely the lie that dogs are only valuable if they are recognized by an all-breed registry or bought from a shelter that disregards their breeding ancestry and where they originated. We aim to show the world that superior health and temperament are far more important than winning a beauty contest where health and temperament are never considered. We aim to show the world that a cohesive family of like-minded, caring breeders knows the whereabouts of their dogs throughout their lives and consistently makes themselves available to each dog produced and sold that is in need. Shelters and rescue organizations are no longer required to exist when truly responsible breeders have the best interest of their dogs in mind throughout their lives.

The Dire Wolf Project stands as a beacon to the world for a return to nature's breeding principles and an acknowledgement that creating a new breed for a modern age is what is best for our loving tail-wagging friends. When we release the selfish notion that raising animals is either a greedy business or an impoverished lifestyle, we come to the truth that the most caring breeders want to make the world a better place for their dogs and the people who love them. Here at the Dire Wolf Project, our mission is to fill the emptiness in your life by providing everything you need to live a happy life with your DireWolf Dog.