Stanley (Boss/Shenanigan) - 10 weeks old

Dire Wolf Project, Inc. stands apart from every other dog breed in the world today. Below is a list of the important attributes Dire Wolf Project breeders blend together to solve the various problems inherent in purebred or designer dogs and the dog breeding practices that regulate them.

  1. Dire Wolf Project, Inc. breeds for health and temperament first. This statement isn't just lip service given to customers in order to sell puppies. Many breeders claim to breed for health and temperament first, but choose puppies because of their beautiful flashy coloring or their superior conformation, etc. We actively reject breeding for outward appearance goals before considering the very real temperament and health issues that plague the domesticated canine world. This stalwart Dire Wolf Project, Inc. breeding practice has set us back in our forward motion toward the ideal Dire Wolf bone and body structure. This can be seen in how we price our puppies. The puppies with lower standardized temperament testing scores are priced lower and not chosen for breeding. An energetic, play-driven puppy with the desired bright yellow-eyed stare is passed up for a brown-eyed one that sits quietly next to our side, drinking in the bonded partnership we provide with our dogs. This is the reason we have not yet reached our outward appearance goals across the entire breed, even though the origins of our dogs began in 1988.
  2. Dire Wolf Project breeders band together in a cohesive unit under one (and only one) club, DireWolf Dogs Int'l. Each breeder registers their dogs through the Dire Wolf Project, no matter where they are located or how many breeders there are at any one time. This is a fundamental feature of the breed and why we protect our trademarks with such fervor. No other breed in the world can insists that each breeder work together, side-by-side, for the entirety of the breed as a whole. Backstabbing, political power, jealousy, and fierce competition are the norm for most dog breeders, especially those breeding purebred or popular designer breeds. We must rise above the petty breeder wars for the sake of the breed's integrity as a healthy, long-lived large breed of dog with a family companion dog temperament. This is the reason that one non-refundable puppy deposit grants you access to any breeder's waiting list. This is the reason that one, comprehensive health database is kept for the entire breed going all the way back to the breed's origins. Our only goal is to match the best dogs with the best families. We do not allow breeder animosity to interfere with that aim.
  3. Dire Wolf Project, Inc. maintains an OPEN studbook. We maintain a perpetually open studbook where crossbreeding is allowed at strategic moments in the breed in order to keep genetic diversity for years and years to come. We follow the breeding strategy laid down by nature itself, where an ebb and flow between crossbreeding and inbreeding create the best sustainable health for any species. This is in stark contrast to the many purebred dog breeds in the world today that adhere to the outdated and racist eugenics theories that purity of race is superior. Rare or small purebred breed populations suffer the most from this idea and some may even go extinct because of the extremely low level of genetic diversity available. We care more about the health and longevity of each dog bred into the Dire Wolf Project than we do about upholding a seriously flawed ideal of race purity.
  4. Dire Wolf Project breeders are highly trained in genetics, use of the scientific method, dog reproduction, and crucial medical procedures necessary for the superior health of our dogs. We do not adhere to the notion that anyone can be a breeder if they place two dogs together at the right time. Dire Wolf Project breeders go through at least two years of specific breeder training to become highly knowledgeable in the field before they are allowed to breed dogs within the project. Each breeder has a breeding mentor to guide them through the pitfalls of the profession. We believe that dog breeding is a privilege that few can do well. All of our breeders understand the seriousness of bringing new life into the world and each breeder takes full responsibility for their puppies throughout their entire lives. No other breed, as an entire breed, can claim to promote this. Instead, they allow anyone to become a breeder if they purchase a male and a female and produce puppies. When too many breeders flood the population with puppies and do not take responsibility for them after they leave, this produces the need for rescues and shelters. There is no need for a DireWolf Dog rescue group because each breeder will personally rescue any of their dogs should they so need.
  5. Dire Wolf Project, Inc. does not sell puppies, we sell relationships between dogs and people. We actively work to match the right puppy with the right family. We price our puppies in order to entice only the most serious owners who understand how valuable it is to acquire a dog from an organization with integrity and devotion. We know the families who buy our dogs. We stay at their homes and meet them in person when we deliver their puppies directly to them. This is the only breed where every breeder will help you and your puppy develop the kind of relationship you both deserve from the other, no matter how difficult it might be in the moment. We have been known to travel across the country to help a family in need with their DireWolf Dog. It is this dedication to the precious lives we come into contact with that sets us apart from any other breed on the planet.

If you want to learn more about the science behind why we breed the way we do, pick up the Dire Wolf Project book.

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Stanley (Boss/Shenanigan) as an adult.