This contract must be signed and notarized before a puppy is transferred to an Authorized Owner. It is also highly advisable that you have a lawyer review this contract with you if you do not fully understand its content.

Notice: The following terms and conditions apply to the breeding of the American Alsatian™. Breeding the American Alsatian™ is a privilege, not a right. American Alsatian™ breeders must understand the following terms and conditions and strictly adhere to them at all times they are involved with breeding American Alsatians™. Please read and review this Breeding Contract carefully before buying an American Alsatian™ for the purpose of breeding. By entering into a purchase contract and buying an American Alsatian™ with a breeding stock designation certificate from the National American Alsatian™ Registry (NAAR), you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agreed to this Breeding Contract. If you do not agree to this Breeding Contract, you may NOT breed an American Alsatian™ at any time.

The terms and conditions listed below govern breeding of the American Alsatian™ and breeding practices used therein ("practices") provided by Lois E Schwarz, the founder of the American Alsatian™ dog breed and its affiliated clubs and associations (National American Alsatian™ Club (NAAC), National American Alsatian™ Breeders’ Association (NAABA), National American Alsatian™ Registry (NAAR), National American Alsatian™ Judges’ Association (NAAJA), and National American Alsatian™ Trainers’ Association (NAATA) (collectively American Alsatian™ Organizations). The terms "I", “me” and "my" in upper or lowercase shall mean the entity (e.g., company, corporation, partnership, sole proprietor, etc.) entering into a Breeding Contract with American Alsatian™ Organizations. This "Breeding Contract" shall consist of these General Terms and Conditions.

Definitions:Possessionshall mean any dog that is legally owned by a person or persons, no matter where the dog resides.Contactshall mean by electronic mail with an acknowledgement of receipt from the receiving party and/or certified US mail. Acknowledgement of receiptshall mean any reciprocal correspondence either by electronic mail or certified US mail.Breeding stockshall mean any animal whose intention is to be used for or is used for producing offspring.American Alsatian™ outcrossshall mean any animal that has an outcross breed within the first three generations of its pedigree OR any animal that has an outcross breed in its lines and which does NOT produce progeny similar in health, temperament, and conformation as determined by the National American Alsatian™ Breeder’s Association board and/or the NAAR.Outcross breedshall mean any breed of dog other than the strongbred American Alsatian™.Strongbredshall mean any dog that does not possess an outcross breed in the first three generations of its pedigree AND who begets progeny similar in health, temperament, and conformation as determined by the National American Alsatian™ Breeder’s Association board and/or the NAARAlsatian™shall mean the same as American Alsatian™.Shyshall mean any dog that flinches away from human touch, runs away with tail between legs, hides from strangers, and/or fear bites.Fearfulshall mean any dog that hides, and/or tucks tail due to gunshots; lightening; loud and/or sudden noises; and/or movement of any kind.Aggressiveshall mean any dog that growls, snaps at, bites and/or tries to bite other dogs or humans.Authorized Owner(whether single or multiple) shall mean any person or persons who are legally and solely authorized by American Alsatian™ Organizations to breed an American Alsatian™ as solely registered by the NAAR.


1.1 I understand that I and any Authorized Owners of this NAAR registered breeding stock American Alsatian™ are granted a nonexclusive, nontransferable, limited right to access and use for breeding purposes this breeding stock American Alsatian™ bought by me for the purpose of breeding. The rights granted to each Authorized Owner are as follows:

(a) The right for the Authorized Owner’s individual use of the name American Alsatian™ when breeding strongbred American Alsatians™ as registered solely through the NAAR, (e.g. no Authorized Owner may transfer breeding rights or authorize or approve others to breed American Alsatians™ or use the name American Alsatian™ and/or Alsatian™ when breeding dogs). Notwithstanding the foregoing, an Authorized Owner may sell his/her intact breeding stock as American Alsatians™ to other Authorized Owners so long as the subsequent Authorized Owners are also approved and currently certified by American Alsatian™ Organizations to breed American Alsatians, otherwise this breeding stock American Alsatian™ must be neutered or spayed before transfer of ownership. (Proof of spay or neuter must be given to the American Alsatian™ Organizations in writing by a licensed veterinarian along with correct ID chip number information.)

(b) The right to solely and exclusively apply to the NAAR to register the puppies born from registered strongbred American Alsatian™ parents with unique registration from the NAAR. (No other registration from any other dog breed registry shall be permitted and all right’s reserved for the trademarked name American Alsatian™.)

(c) The right to breed, with exclusive pre-approval from the NAABA, only to strongbred American Alsatians™ as registered solely through the NAAR. (No other breeding to any outcross breed or American Alsatian™ outcross shall be permitted. The practice of breeding to an outcross breed or American Alsatian™ outcross is strictly and solely reserved for the American Alsatian™ founder of the breed, Lois E. Schwarz, unless explicitly approved by the founder herself in a separate outcross breeding contract.

(d) The right to purchase authorized kennel name registration, solely through the NAAR, including the words “American Alsatian™” in the title, if desired.

(e) The right to exclusively breed the strongbred American Alsatian™ as solely registered through the NAAR. No Authorized Owner may breed any other breed of dog at any time while breeding the American Alsatian™ and/or owning a registered kennel name with the NAAR.

I, _____________________________________________, acknowledge that I have seen and read the NAABA rules and regulations and Breeder’s Code of Ethics. I fully understand these rules and regulations and the Code of Ethics and agree to abide by them at all times I am a member of any American Alsatian™ Organizations, even in the event of un-notified changes in these rules and regulations and Code of Ethics.

I will contact the NAABA’s board prior to each and every mating of any American Alsatian™ in my possession. I will follow the recommendation of the breeder’s board at all times or I will not breed the American Alsatian™.

I will never knowingly breed an American Alsatian™ to an outcross breed or American Alsatian™ outcross of any kind without the direct approval, signed and documented, by the founder of the breed. When working under the counsel of the NAABA board and/or the founder of the breed I will not be held liable for any actions taken under their recommendation.

I shall have all of my breeding stock American Alsatians™ examined and x-rayed by a licensed veterinarian. I will allow the NAABA board, as their right to protect the American Alsatian™ breed, to personally exam any and all of my breeding stock by a board representative and/or a NAABA licensed and approved veterinarian if the NAABA board so desires. I will publicly post all medical information for each of my breeding dogs and their offspring as well as give a copy of all medical information from all breeding stock American Alsatians™ in my possession to the NAAR for record keeping purposes. I will never breed any American Alsatian™ found to have any genetic disorders by a licensed veterinarian including, but not limited to: hip/elbow dysplasia, epilepsy, panosteitis, heart/liver conditions of any kind, arthritis, urinal or skin disorders, cryptorchidism, or bloat/gastric torsion.

I have also examined and fully understand the temperament testing procedures produced by the NAABA. I agree to temperament test all puppies whelped in my possession according to the NAABA’s temperament testing procedures. I agree to publicly disclose any and all temperament testing data for a period of the lifetime of each American Alsatian™ in my possession and give a copy of all temperament testing data to the NAAR on all American Alsatian™ puppies born in my possession. I agree that I will never breed any American Alsatian™ that is shy, fearful, and/or aggressive.

I will never breed any dog using either the name Alsatian™ and/or American Alsatian™ until I am working in full approval from the NAABA board. Furthermore, if I ever leave the NAABA or NAAC for any reason I will cease breeding the American Alsatian™ and using the name Alsatian™ and/or American Alsatian™ for any dog bred in my possession after my termination regardless of NAAR registration.

I will, in everything that I do, be aware that I am a caretaker of the future of the American Alsatian™. Each action I take, every decision I make, can and will affect the American Alsatian™ as a breed, today and far into the future. I am aware that poor breeding decisions have caused the downfall of some popular breeds. As caretakers of the American Alsatian™, I will protect not only the dogs that are living today, but also those that are not yet born. It is my responsibility to see that American Alsatians™ will go on in future years to be all that the breed was intended to be.

Kennel Name Requested:


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For official NAABA members only.

Please do not write below. Must be officially sealed by the NAABA.