1. All the dogs in our care shall be provided with the highest possible standards of nutrition, shelter, cleanliness, veterinary care, exercise, training, socialization and individual attention. This does not mean that we should over pamper our dogs and allow the weak to survive. All weak pups will be noted and such pups will be given restricted pedigrees.

If the Breed Master finds that any breeder has hidden any weaknesses such as a "runts will to survive", "inability to take its first breath", "inability to find teat or to eat enough to survive and grow properly", that breeder will be found harming our lines and all pups of this breeder will be placed in a restricted category and scrutinized intensely in judging the offspring so that no weak animals be given a passing registration certificate. This is an absolute must! We pride our stock in the health department and if but one dog breeds and passes on a weak will to live or any other weakness it will reduce the health of our stock and this effects all of us breeders. This is not a joke nor do we care about the politics concerning this topic.

  1. We possess proper legal pedigree documentation for each individual American Dirus™ that is used for breeding purposes and if necessary we shall search out and prove that this pedigree is correct and belongs to this dog. This is the breeder's responsibility and anyone who breeds a dog of improper pedigree information will be refused a breeding permit and membership in DireWolf Dogs, Int'l.
  2. American Dirus™ are "what you see is what you get." No plastic surgeries to conceal a fault are ever performed on our dogs and no medications are used for bringing a dog into condition. Each and every American Dirus™ looks and acts according to their genetic potential, no more and no less. We condemn practices of silicone muzzle enhancement, wrinkle removals, eyelid correction, severing tail ligaments, steroid and hormone use and any other invasive unnatural procedure aimed at physical appearance enhancement and if our judges and/or breeders or club officials find out that any dog has been worked on in any manner they shall be barred from club functions as the club votes.


  1. We plan each breeding with the paramount intention of preserving the breed's qualities. Every time we breed a litter we shall direct our efforts toward producing an American Dirus™ of exceptional quality and our motto is “better than the parents." We encourage and participate in club forums to discuss the mating of certain dogs. We contact our breed quality warden and founder to get feedback in all breedings, even mishaps.
  2. We select the stud dog and brood bitch with an eye to temperament, and character, with a careful study of the breed standard, and the principles of genetics. We scrutinize the pedigree, conformation, and companion potential of both the sire and dam, keeping in mind the ideal of the breed.
  3. All American Dirus™ used for breeding have been tested at birth, six weeks old, eight weeks, six months and every year. Testing is done over the Internet or in person whenever possible by the breed founder or Breed Quality Control Officer.
  4. We believe that only those dogs known to be free of serious or disqualifying defects should be used for breeding. We will not breed monorchids, cryptorchids, dogs with vicious or shy temperaments, or dogs with serious defects or disqualifications addressed in the American Dirus™ Standard. We will refrain from using a dog that, although free from serious or disqualifying defects, consistently produces afflicted puppies.
  5. We do not breed American Dirus™ that are not mature and absolutely healthy. We will not breed a bitch unless she is in good health and is over nine months of age.
  6. Breeding should be undertaken only when we are in a position to properly care for the bitch and litter. All puppies are the responsibility of the breeder and each breeder shall insert an identifying chip on the body of her pups so that she may truthfully say that none of her puppies are in shelters or homeless. Each breeder shall take multitudes of photos and place those photos in breeding albums to correctly identify a dog in case of outside threats or suits against them or even disputes from evil doers. Photographs will protect you when identifying your puppies.
  7. Before entering into any breeding arrangement, we will have an obligation to refuse the breeding if, in our opinion, it is not in the best interest of the breed. We will be straightforward and honest about our stud's or bitch's strong and weak points as well as about results of past breedings and family history.


  1. All American Dirus™ used for breeding are tested and cleared of any forms of lameness or of physical defects by observing and showing our dogs to the breed founder or breed quality control officers. If we learn about any other hereditary problem affecting our lines, we will test for it as advised by the veterinary genetics specialists. All prospective breeding animals should be carefully observed and evaluated for any health problems that might develop as the animal matures. We will research the pedigrees of all American Dirus™ to be bred and provide or require documented health testing. If one of our dogs becomes identified as being affected by an inherited disease (by testing or clinical signs), we should make every effort to notify owners and breeders of closely related dogs.
  2. We will not claim at any time that our puppies will not be affected with a hereditary condition. The breeding of strongbred dogs is not an exact science. It is not always possible to prevent the occurrence of inherited diseases, as there are not yet definitive tests to identify healthy dogs that are carriers of genetic diseases. As breeders, our obligation with regard to hereditary conditions is to make every effort to prevent their occurrence and to share openly and honestly all information available regarding the genetic health status of our dogs, but we can only do as much as the current scientific knowledge allows us.
  3. We strongly feel that elimination of genetic diseases is a worthy goal and we have a strict inner policy to follow this goal for the good of the breed, thus we will cull any puppies from our litters that do not pass health tests directly after birth. Any pups who fail health tests at a later date shall not be registered or even identified as pure of breed, nor shall we ever breed such a pair again! Failing to pass temperament and character testing results in limited registration and does not and will not result in culling but any and all unhealthy and deformed puppies must be logged and noted and culled so that no one shall ever breed such a pup even if it may hide a defect upon maturity. It is because of hiding and masking deformities and severe problems that other breeds have fallen along the wayside and rumored to be unhealthy. That will ruin the breed’s reputation and such is not something to be looked at lightly. Breeding is an art, an art that requires strict discipline and love and admiration and is not for those of the weak-hearted. We do not need breeders nor do we need club members. We do not require large memberships nor do we strive to get rich or big upon such increased memberships. We shall not compromise our position on this issue.
  4. Research into the canine genome is proceeding at an explosive pace and information about genetic diseases in dogs is becoming more readily available every day. However, we do not yet have definitive information about every disease that has a genetic component, or what its method of inheritance is. Nonetheless, the following is a list of conditions known, or highly suspected, to be inheritable in the American Dirus™ in the order of the most prevalent first.
    • Epilepsy
    • Arthritis
    • Panosteitis
    • Hip Displasia and elbow Displasia


  1. We show discrimination in the sale of our puppies and we are concerned with the type of homes in which they are placed. We should seek the best possible environment for each Alsatian produced in our kennel. Our American Dirus™ may not be offered to events such as raffles, auctions, drawing, lotteries, contests, or laboratory experiments, and we will not knowingly deal with unethical persons
  2. We will refrain from releasing any puppy until it is at least seven weeks old (to those who are educated in young pups), or eight weeks old if the puppy is to be shipped.
  3. All dogs and puppies are permanently identified by means of tattoo or microchip and their permanent identification is registered with the proper registration body.
  4. All agreements and stipulations between kennel and puppy buyer should be recorded in a sales contract and/or by simple written exchange of mutual expectations.
  5. If a purchaser wishes to return a dog for whatever reason and at any time, we will honor the return at no cost to the kennel. This is to ensure the dog’s safety and welfare rather than jeopardize its future in an unwanted home or a dog pound. For the protection of the puppy our sales contract states that should the buyer ever be unable to keep our Alsatian, the dog cannot be sold to a third party, but must be returned to us. If this is a reoccurrence and we find out that puppies are being returned to a breeder our breed officers will go over the breeding of the pups to see what action needs to be taken. The breeder’s board of officers may refuse any breeder the papers necessary to be a part of this organization with the proper votes and inspections.
  6. We will encourage our puppy buyers to keep in contact with us to monitor the puppies' progress. If we find out that any breeder is not monitoring the puppies that they brought into this world we shall bring them before the breeder's board.


  1. Advertising of our dogs will be factual and honest, both in substance and implication. Misleading exaggerations or unfounded claims shall not be used. We can and will use the temperament and testing charts and the puppy scores to describe the character, temperament and looks of our pups. Breeders shall be familiar with the scores and their meanings.


  1. We understand that exhibiting dogs is a sport and that we are expected to express good sportsmanship in all such activities.
  2. We will refrain from unnecessary criticism of other people’s dogs, unless asked directly and then only if we believe such criticism to be factual and helpful. You may wish to carry breeder officer informational cards so that others may access the website and present their dogs to the breed founder or the breeder’s board for the proper criticism and judgments per the breed standards.
  3. We will follow the Golden Rule in that we will do unto others as we would have done unto us in all dog enterprises.
  4. As a matter of ethics, we pledge to help educate the general public about the American Dirus™ breed, as well as to assist the novice breeder. This is the last and most important rule and we shall do so!