The American Dirus crossbreeding program is a permanent project developed by the founder, Lois Schwarz, in order to develop genetic diversity and improve quality in health that eventually leads American Dirus crossbred lines to breed true to type and be entered into strongbred status by DireWolf Dogs, Int'l.

Only one breeder at any given time is selected to perform the crossbreeding program. This breeder must be voted on by our governing board and approved by its members. Each potential cross is thoroughly examined in health, temperament and sound body structure before being allowed to enter into this program. The potential cross dog's pedigree is examined and whenever possible, the parents are personally examined as well. Dog breeds which enhance the health, temperament, and look of the heavy Dire Wolf can be included. Preferably, only one cross is performed at a time and the crossbred lines are kept separate from the pure lines until such a time as they are recognized as pure by DireWolf Dogs, Int'l.

In order to be included in our crossbreeding program, the cross breed must meet the following criteria:

  1. It must have a four generation traceable pedigree with no known hereditary health, temperament or body structure faults.
  2. It is encouraged to use a 50/50 cross between two purebred dog breeds.
  3. It must possess qualities that will enhance the look of our breed toward the large Dire Wolf.