Jennifer N Pups
DireWolf Dogs of Vallecito, LLC Owner, Jennifer, enjoying time with the Under the Sea Litter.

Responsible Breeder's
Code of Ethics

The Dire Wolf Project is on a mission to transform dog breeding for our modern age using the latest technological advances through DNA testing, promoting strongbred sustainable breeding practices, as well as educating the public regarding this vital breeding work that promotes the health and longevity of each and every dog bred into our program. 

Dire Wolf Project Breeders

Each American Dirus dog breeder within Dire Wolf Project, Inc must adhere to certain best practices in order to renew their official certification and active breed status each year through DireWolf Dogs, Itn'l. We know there is not, and may never be, consensus about how to best take care of and raise dogs. However, membership in our community represents a breeder’s commitment to prioritize for the health and well-being of their dogs, engage in honest communication with their customers, and to follow the responsible breeding practices below. Membership with DireWolf Dogs, Int'l is not an endorsement by any one breeder of the practices of any other breeder, but rather a commitment to bring transparency and accountability to their practices in order to promote and enhance the welfare of their dogs.

Breeding and Care

All participating breeders agree to:

  1. Ensure that every litter is the result of conscientious planning, including consideration of parents' temperament and physical well-being, clearances for hereditary diseases most prominent in our breed, pedigree and parentage.
  2. Provide the proper care and a clean, safe environment for all dogs on the premises, which includes at a minimum:
    • Preventative veterinary care for dogs and veterinary care when sick or injured
    • Spaces with protection from extreme temperatures
    • Outdoor access and plenty of fresh air
    • Appropriate daily food and water
    • Regular interaction, exercise, socialization, environmental enrichment (e.g. toys, chews), and outlets to engage in normal behavior 
    • Appropriate living space for our extra large dog breed
    • Cleaned at least daily with comfortable spaces for sleeping
    • Daily exercise and time to socialize with other dogs and people
  1. Never force dogs to breed.
  2. Comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations.
  3. Provide the proper care and a clean, safe environment for a female and her litter, which includes the following (in addition to the above):
    • A quiet, non-stressful environment for nursing/whelping separate from other dogs
    • Enough space to move around alongside, and not on top of, puppies
    • The opportunity to rest away from puppies if she chooses
    • Whelping area should be cleaned frequently due to the extra waste from the puppies
    • Not breed a female beyond the appropriate age or allow her to rear more than the appropriate number of litters in her lifetime (generally no more than four).
    • Ensure all puppies are given appropriate shots and are dewormed or have a negative fecal exam before going to a new home.
    • Provide age appropriate interaction and socialization to all puppies until they leave for their forever homes.

Placing Dogs with New Owners

All participating Dire Wolf Project, Inc breeders agree to:

  1. Keep puppies for as long as it takes to make sure they are placed in suitable homes.
  2. Not allow any puppy to leave for its new home before an appropriate age (generally 8 weeks and not younger than 7 weeks).
  3. Refrain from selling to buyers that haven't been screened appropriately and approved. Any prospective buyer will be thoroughly vetted and screened to ensure each puppy ends up in a safe home.
  4. Disclose any known health issues of a dog before it goes to a new home.
  5. Never misrepresent the characteristics of a dog.
  6. Maintain detailed records of each litter they breed.
  7. Be available to answer questions and offer guidance to new owner for the entire lifetime of the dog.
  8. For the lifetime of the dog, regardless of the reason or circumstances, take back or help to rehome the dog if the new owner is no longer able to care for them.
  9. Encourage new owners to abide by our Responsible Dog Ownership Code of Ethics.
  10. Make sure that each dog, upon release to its new owners, is accompanied by the following:
    • Health check-up paperwork including vaccination and deworming dates and all prior health records
    • A sales contract 
    • A health guarantee 
    • International American Dirus Registry (IADR) registration documentation
    • Resources regarding breed or litter specific health problems and expectations
    • Five generation pedigree