Where do you travel?

The DireWolf Express travels anywhere in the lower forty-eight states. This includes southern Florida, northern Maine, northern Michigan, southern Texas, and Southern California. We always begin the journey in the northwest and plan our travels with Google maps for an accurate mileage count.

Can you travel my dog if its not a DireWolf Dog?

The DireWolf Express only travels DireWolf Dogs bred by the Dire Wolf Project. We take both puppy and adult DireWolf Dogs. We only travel when we have at least five DireWolf Dogs going at one time.

How much does the DireWolf Express cost?

The DireWolf Express generally costs $580 for puppies and $680 for adults, if we are traveling cross country. However, there are exceptions to this price if you are more local to the northwest. Please see our pricing page for more details.

Can you travel to Canada?

The best option to travel your new DireWolf Dog into Canada is if we meet you just south of the Canadian border and you drive your puppy back to Canada yourself. The paperwork is much less involved when you are traveling your own dog home rather than if a commercial facility is traveling across the border into Canada with multiple dogs in tow. Please arrange to meet the DireWolf Express at the nearest state south of the closest location to your home in Canada. Most people who live in Ontario, Canada, for example, choose to meet in Detroit, Michigan or Buffalo, NY.