Thinking about getting a DireWolf Dog from the Dire Wolf Project is such an exciting time! Our puppies are the first and so far the only large breed to be solely and exclusively bred as a companion dog and nothing more. The amazing temperament and stunning looks of a fantastical DireWolf Dog make any dog lover weak in the knees. But, then, reality sets in and you may ask yourself how in the world would you get your puppy home if they are bred only in the northwest of the United States.

Of course, the best choice would be to travel out to see us and pick up your new puppy in person. What a thrill it would be to experience the Dire Wolf Project for yourself and love on all the dogs! You can drive or fly to our home in the majestic Ponderosa forest overlooking the Columbia River valley. A family road trip may be just the thing for the kids to share an unforgettable vacation bonding with their new puppy on the drive home. The Spokane International Airport is only an hour and a half away from our home just west of the Huckleberry mountains. We are happy to meet you or pick you up at the airport; or you may wish to rent a car and continue on north to visit all that the beautiful Columbia river has to offer. Make sure to bring your camera to take pictures of your new puppy's parents and where it was born. Tiny puppy paws jumping onto your lap for happy kisses is such a wonderful experience. We welcome visitors and would love to share our world with you for a day. If you want to schedule a visit, please contact us to let us know. It is always our pleasure to spend time with you.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to head out on a road trip to visit the Dire Wolf Project and meet all of the dogs. Work, money, and/or family obligations can get in the way for many, so a trip out to our facility just doesn't feel feasible. It can be overwhelming to think about how to bring a puppy home from so far away. If that is your situation, take heart. There are two other ways to consider when thinking about traveling your puppy home. You can ship your puppy home on the plane via Alaska Air Cargo or you can have us travel your new puppy home directly to you through our brand new transportation service called the DireWolf Express™.

The DireWolf Express travels all across the lower 48 states whenever we have five or more DireWolf Dogs™ to transport to their new homes. When Dire Wolf Project breeders have a litter or litters, we add more coal to the steam engine and gear up for another ride. Find out below exactly how the process works. If you are planning on adopting a DireWolf Dog from one of our prestigious Dire Wolf Project breeders, the DireWolf Express may be the perfect option for your new puppy to travel home.

How It Works
  1. Purchase a DireWolf Dog from one of our Dire Wolf Project breeders.
  2. The puppy/dog contract does not include transportation, so the moment you sign the contract and officially adopt your new DireWolf Dog, review our terms and conditions, then complete and send the online DireWolf Express request form.
  3. We will then reply to your request via email to save a seat for your DireWolf Dog on the next trip.
  4. Once you have sent the DireWolf Express request form and have a reply email acknowledging your saved seat, you are ready to download, sign, and email the DireWolf Express Travel Consent Form and the Emergency Care Authorization Form.
  5. After emailing us your signed copy of the DireWolf Express Travel Consent Form and the Emergency Care Authorization Form, you can find out how much your DireWolf Dog's ticket will cost by reviewing our pricing. We accept PayPal only if you send it as a gift to friends/family to:, Venmo @direwolfdogs, or a check in the mail to:
    DireWolf Express 5502 Hwy 25 S Fruitland, WA 99129
  6. Once you have purchased your DireWolf Express ticket, let your breeder know that you have purchased a ticket on the DireWolf Express. She will want an estimated time of departure so that she can prepare the Dire Wolf Project Puppy Health Checklist form for the ride.
  7. Next, download the free PolarSteps app from the Google Play or App Store and follow the DireWolf Express driver's account: Jennifer Stoeckl or Jay Stoeckl
  8. Prepare your home space for your new DireWolf Dog's arrival.
  9. Email us with any questions you may have while you wait.