Flying Puppy Home in the Cabin

By far the fastest and easiest way to get your new American Dirus puppy home is to fly out, pick up your puppy, and fly back with your new puppy in the cabin of the plane. Several airlines will allow you to do this, but your puppy must meet the weight and size requirements. Only small pets can fly home this way. American Dirus puppies are giant-sized. If you plan on traveling home with your new puppy in the cabin of the plane, you need to be prepared to get your puppy the day it turns 8 weeks old (the youngest age a puppy is allowed to fly). Even then, your puppy will need to fit into a soft-sided crate that can be stored under the seat in front of you. Regulations restrict you from flying in bulkhead or an emergency exit row, so plan on minimal leg room or flying first class on the way home.

But, the good news is, the extra cost of adding a pet to your regular flight cost is only $100 if you fly through Alaska Airlines. In fact, Alaska Airlines does a great job of laying out the exact requirements for this way of traveling.

Here is a link to Alaska Airlines regulations for traveling pets in the cabin.

By Air Cargo:

Shipping a puppy by air can be a bit disorienting.  We will do the absolute best we can to make the trip as comfortable for your new American Dirus puppy as possible. Your puppy will have good experiences in its kennel before the flight and we will feed and water your puppy no later than 60 minutes before it is left to board the plane. This will ensure that your pup has adequate time to use the restroom before the long adventure through the skies, which will also minimize the chance of your puppy vomiting or defecating in its crate during its travels. A small water bottle, a bag of food, and a comfortable thin bed will help your puppy feel right at home. Remember to be on time to the airport to pick up your new one and immediately take it out to a grassy area to relieve itself. You may also wish to give your new pup a chance to have fun, play, drink, and possibly eat if it wants.  This is your first encounter with your new one, so let it be happy and exciting now that the long trip is finally over. 

Dire Wolf Project's Air Shipping Service to you:

With airline travel, your Dire Wolf Project breeder will work together with you to gather everything together for the trip, including the kennel (dimensions: 27-20-29 for an 8 week old puppy) and getting it ready as per flight standards and USDA regulations. Your puppy will be shipped when all payment has been received and cleared.  Your Dire Wolf Project breeder will converse over email or phone (if you prefer) in order to make sure that everyone is aware of all the flight information and most importantly the time your puppy is due to arrive on your end.  

Alaska Airlines Cargo Pet Connect® is currently the only airline shipping pets at this time. DireWolf Dogs uses Spokane International Airport for pet air cargo needs. The staff are generally friendly, courteous, and organized.

Your puppy will require a health certificate from a certified veterinarian before flight travel, so please allow time for this when you are thinking about dates.

An example of the cost of all this would be:

Puppy:                                                       $3500.00
Medium Airline Approved Crate:           $90.00
Crate pad:                                                      $25.00
Airline Ticket:                                            $380.00

Total cost of your puppy plus flight:  $3995.00