Strongbred™ breeding is a balanced way forward toward improved health and longevity for man's best friend. Working together, we can bring critical lasting change to the dog breeding world and save our beloved pets from lives filled with unnecessary heritable disease and physical pain created by extreme looks promoted by outdated beauty contests. Our tail-wagging companions deserve better from those who claim to protect them and breeders must be held accountable for the tortured souls they bring into the world. We can no longer sit idly by and watch our pets be bred to death when we can do something about it. Take control of the domesticated dog's destiny and work toward a permanent shift in how dogs are bred. The Dire Wolf Project™ is on a mission to turn the dog breeding world upside down toward a health first - temperament second mindset. There is no time to lose. We must change now or lose our most cherished dog breeds to the whims of human greed and selfishness. Join us for a better future and breed the strongbred™ way!

No other breed of dog has established minimal standards for breeders. All-breed registries have failed to require breeders to adhere to specific morals and ethics associated with responsible animal production. Prominent beloved dog breeds have been ruined by overbreeding, popular sire syndrome, excessive inbreeding in a closed studbook, dramatic health increases, severe and compromising breed-wide structural issues, and many more!

Instead of working together, breeders fight, backstab, lie, cheat, steal, and deliberately cancel one another in an effort to paint themselves as superior over others. When breeders do this, its the breed as a whole that suffers.

The Dire Wolf Project cannot afford to make those same mistakes. Our love for our dogs runs too deep. Therefore, we insist that ALL breeders have a minimal level of knowledge in the following areas before being allowed to bring a single soul into the world:

  1. Canine Reproduction and Anatomy
  2. The Morals and Ethics behind Breeding Better Dogs
  3. Introduction to the Ebb and Flow Breeding Method™
  4. Truly Responsible Breeding for Superior Breed-Wide Health
  5. What it means to be a Strongbred™ Dog Breeder
  6. Dog Breeders as Allies in a Hostile Working Environment