Dire Wolf Project Breeders

Lois Schwarz and Amey Gage breed American Alsatian™ dogs.

Jennifer and Jay Stoeckl breed American Dirus™ dogs.

In order to keep the Dire Wolf Project free from unethical breeders out to line their pockets with gold based on the name and reputation of our dogs, strict ethics and adherence to our breeding standards are necessary before anyone is approved for certified breeding status.

Lois and Minerva

Lois Schwarz

Schwarz Kennels

4175 Winnetka Rd. White City, Oregon 97503


Schwarz Kennels Website

Lois Schwarz is the founder of the Dire Wolf Project and lives in southern Oregon. She has been breeding dogs for over 50 years. She single-handedly created the American Alsatian™ dog breed, working tirelessly over the first twenty-five years to develop the world's first large breed companion dog. She created the concept of God's Breeding Plan™ going back to nature's way of breeding and sustaining animal species. Lois has written two books: American Alsatian: the World's First Large Breed Companion Dog and Handbook for New Puppy Owners. Lois Schwarz is semi-retired and only breeds a few litters a year at this point in her life. She breeds her dogs under the breed name: American Alsatian™

Jay and Ginger

Jennifer and Jay Stoeckl

DireWolf Dogs of Vallecito, LLC

5502 Highway 25 S Fruitland, Washington 99129


DireWolf Dogs of Vallecito Website

Jennifer and Jay Stoeckl have been breeding DireWolf Dogs™ since 2006. Jennifer is the co-founder of the Dire Wolf Project, maintaining the trademarks and brands, creating the website and writing all of the content. She coined the phrase "DireWolf Dogs" and "strongbred" dog and developed the Ebb and Flow model™ breeding plan. She follows in her mother's footsteps continuing the God's Breeding Plan™ breeding legacy. Jennifer has written two books for the breeding including: Dire Wolf Project: Creating an Extraordinary Dog Breed and DireWolf Guardians Philosophy. She and her husband also founded the DireWolf Express and travel DireWolf Dogs all around the lower forty-eight states several times a year. Jay is also a fiction author writing under the pen name, Gabriel Paulson. He wrote the Jacob Lake Trilogy for new adults that features a DireWolf Dog and a mysterious artifact that can save the world.

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