King Arthur
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Marrock (King Arthur)

Marrock was Born King Arthur from the Round table Litter (Sprinkle and Huck). Marrok was born October 3,2015.

Marrok passed away April 2024 a few days after a bad vet exam where they failed to diagnose internal bleeding.  He was 8 1/2 years old.

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Lacey (Keno/Luna)

"We said goodbye to our cutie pie this afternoon. Run pain free baby girl. You took a piece of our heart with you. RIP Lacey" April 15 ,2024

(Luna/Zorro) She was 14 years old.

Ice (Presley/Skye)
Luna Ice (Presley-Skye).jpg
Ice (Presley/Skye)

Luna passed away today.  April 5th, 2024. She was 8 years old. From her owner " I was so privileged to have her in my life for eight years.  She was a wonderful, sassy, and Velcro girl.  Yukon and I will miss her terribly. It’s with a very heavy heart I had to say goodbye to my precious Luna(Bear/Skye) today. She was the light of my life, the pain in my backside, constant source of humor and snuggles, and the best of big sisters to Yukon. We miss her terribly.
She presented last Wednesday with some bruising on her belly.  Knowing that she hadn’t undergone any trauma, I made an appointment with the vet for Monday.  Initial bloodwork showed very low platelets and it seemed that the bruising was spreading all over her body(her mouth, head, eye, and abdomen.  After a second round of bloodwork on Thursday, which showed no platelets and a drastic reduction in red blood cells, the decision was made to try hospitalization and a blood transfusion.  In the last ultrasound they found two mass-like structures in her intestines and there was blood in her stool.  Even after the transfusion, her bloodwork had no platelets and only 20% red blood cells.  Poor Luna was so weakened at this point, that I decided to do what was best for her.  Even at her weakest she still had her Luna grin on and was asking for belly rubs.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity of sharing my life with Luna. She was something special.

Malikov (Woody/Nadine)

We had to say goodbye to Malikov (Woody/Nadine) yesterday April 2, 2023, at 9 years old. Unfortunately, despite all of his and our love, his body just couldn’t do it anymore and he told us it was time. His veterinary team took the best care of him from the start of his illness all the way to the end and we couldn’t be more grateful for it. My life is forever changed for the better for getting to have him as my baby bear. Thank you everyone for your love of him too.

Malik had a peaceful transition at 2:34

Barghest Recent.jpg

Barghest (family member of The Boss "Carlo "Gambino" Von Vegas) has passed away at the age of 6 years old.

March 04-2024

Barghest was a wonderful dog, sweet and loyal, who was great at watching over our young kids and being my best friend. Unfortunately, for all of his positive traits, he was never a healthy dog. His puppyhood was a frequent string of illnesses that seemed to indicate a weak immune system, something that would later endanger his life when a small, infected wound on his leg necrotized despite strong antibiotics and constant re-bandaging at the vet multiple times per week. He thankfully survived that with emergency care and a lot of help, but he still went on to have other problems. He developed hip dysplasia and injured his back playing, leading to a long-term pain management and treatments. We always joked that since he loved the people at the vet's office, he kept finding reasons to go back.

Despite all the illness, he was a happy dog, always trying to play and cheer us up. However, over the last few months what we first thought was picky eating turned into "no eating" caused by severe nausea and something wrong with his digestive tract. Hi-strength anti-nausea meds let him start eating again while the vet worked through blood tests, but despite the return of a voracious appetite he was rapidly losing weight until within a few weeks he had lost about 25 pounds and was gaunt and bony. Last week when we took him in for further tests, they found he had a severe pleural effusion, crushing his lungs. The vet concluded that he either had metastasizing cancer or heart failure combined with something in his digestive tract, and said we should say our goodbyes and make sure he didn't suffer. After a few more days going with him to some of his favorite places and watching him struggle to breathe, we held him as he was put down on Saturday. He wasn't even seven yet.

Bonnie Lee
Bonnie Lee.jpg
Bonnie Lee

Bonnie lee suffered a stroke February 14, 2024, at the age of 12 years old. Bonnie was trained as a hearing dog and became a wonderful therapy dog loving many people in her life, as she was loved by many. She will be in our hearts forever; Bonnie was the first dog Jennifer formally trained for service work. She will be truly missed.

From her owners "She was the best girl in the whole world. Thank you for entrusting this precious girl with us.:

Notre Dame as a puppy Renamed Dame (Tsar and Florin)
Notre Dame
Notre Dame

Dame (Notre Dame) at 7 months 7-15-2021 passed away from bilateral renal dysplasia. This puppy first showed recurrent persistent UTIs and excessive drinking. She required continual aggressive antibiotic treatments, increasing in severity. Once the UTI was under control, which took over five months, her excessive drinking continued, so an ultrasound was performed, which showed significant kidney underdevelopment on both sides.

She will be missed by all who loved her.


Darla passed away January 25th, 2023, due to post op complications before a spay surgery She was born 2018-11-07, just over 4 years old. She will be sadly missed by all who loved her.

Morrighan (Bonnie-Lee/Hemi)
older  Morrighan (Bonnie-LeeHemi) .jpg cropped.jpg

Morrighan (Bonnie-Lee/Hemi) passed away yesterday of liver failure January 14, 2023, at the age of nine. The vet theorized that the failure might have been caused by one of her thromboses coming away and blocking the liver. The thromboses, in turn, were caused by the medication she took for lupus, which she was diagnosed with (and nearly died of) when she was three. She will be sadly missed by all who loved her. She was a great loving companion.

Korra- (Stanley/Candy) of the Arabian knights Litter
Korra the arribians knight litter.jpg
Korra- (Stanley/Candy) of the Arabian knights Litter

One cold January day a beautiful little girl puppy was born. Little did she realize that one day soon she would have a family to call her very own. That would love her and care for her. Almost three years later she suffered a grand mal seizure. Her parents rushed her to the vet. Korra was diagnosed as having early stage 2 juvenile renal dysplasia. Basically, her kidneys have aged 14 years. She passed away in her sleep November 15th 2023.

She has the best personality and fits in with their family perfectly.

She passed away in her sleep. She will be deeply missed by all who loved her.

"The Black Knight," Emris
Emris Huck-Sprinkle.jpg 1 year 3 months.jpg

In the chill of Fall 2015, a little dark silver puppy named Emris entered the world as part of the King Arthur litter.

Originally known as "The Black Knight," he bore a name worthy of legends. He was a warrior, a brave and noble soul with a heart filled with love. Emris embarked on a journey that would etch his memory into the hearts of those who knew him.

In June 2023 at eight years old, Emris was diagnosed with congenital congestive heart failure .

The heart medication, while a beacon of hope, took a toll on his kidneys. His health declined rapidly, leaving his family with an unbearable decision to make. The pain of letting go of a cherished companion is something that every pet owner dreads.

With heavy hearts, Emris's family said their final goodbyes. In his final moments, he was surrounded by love and affection, with the people he cherished most by his side.

Dear Prudence
Prudence leaping.jpg
Dear Prudence

Prudence was most confidant in the woods and it was there we witnessed her true joy, transforming from a big lazy girl into a beautiful mystical dire wolf, jumping over fallen trees, all ears feathers, tail erect, tracking with great purpose and speed. We took many walks with Prudi along the McKenzie River and at Leaburg Lake near our home where she seemed happiest.

Our last 1/8 mile walk together, followed by a drink from the McKenzie River was just one week ago. Two strokes within a day helped us realize it was time. And so we knew… and with the help of our amazing vet, Prudence crossed the rainbow bridge very gently with us by her side.

Prudence, you’ve been with us through it all - a loyal companion who absorbed our life journey and kept us strong with the truest, purest love and devotion one can experience in this life. Such is the special love of an animal. We loved you with all of our hearts and hope we gave you the best life a dog could have. Prudence Parker, thank you for being “our girl”. We’ll miss you Pupu.

Nadine at 13 years old2021.jpg

Nadine passed on this morning, at home with family. She was the best canine companion I ever met. She had a long life - had just celebrated her 14th birthday. She’ll live on in *many* of your dogs.

Godspeed my forever friend. January 16 2022

Lucius- Madison (Annie/Hero)
Madison, M Litter, AnnieHero .jpg
Lucius (M litter 2008)

April 14, 2021

Lucius was truly a gift! He loved us fiercely. A steadfast source of companionship, protection, affection, joy. We had so many adventures. Traveling, hiking, search and rescue nosework, exploring our city. Plus plenty of quality time just being with us. I feel fortunate that I got to be home with him over this past year.
He was over 12 years old, and unfortunately, it was just his time.
We had a mobile vet come to the home, first to confirm it was his time, and then to say goodbye. We are grateful to have had this option, so that he could pass away peacefully on his favorite bed, with us holding him.
Before Lucius, we were a couple with a place to live. After he arrived, we were a family, and our house was a home.
We were so lucky to have our sweet boy. He had such a calming presence. I miss him terribly. It has been hard to go on without him. Having Lucius changed my life for the better, and I think about him every day.
These are some really special dogs. Please give yours a hug for me."

Sasha (Pearl/Boss)
Sasha(PearlBoss july 15 2021.jpg
Sasha (Pearl/Boss)

Sasha (Pearl/Boss) passed over the rainbow bridge this afternoon July 15,2021, I don’t know for sure, but I don’t think she had much pain. We took her to the vets this morning and it appeared to be a flare up of Addison’s disease per her lab work. IV was started and steroids were given and lots of fluids, but she got progressively worse and became unresponsive. We were told that she needed to go to another vets (24/7) for care and they wanted us to see her. Her heart stopped and they started working on her they got her back for about 20 seconds then nothing She died about a minute before we got there. Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts. RIP dear Sasha, we will miss you so much! But we will meet again.

Vallecito's Rainy Nights (Luna)
My kind of Rain Bear.png
Vallecito's Rainy Nights (Rainier/Nadine)

August 2020

“If I die, I will wait for you, do you understand? No matter how long. I will watch from beyond to make sure you live every year you have to its fullest, and then we’ll have so much to talk about when I see you again… ”

In late August of this year, one of our own quietly passed away without fanfare or publicity. She was two months shy of 8 years old and had lived a good, full life with her family.

Luna developed hypothyroidism and was on medication throughout much of her life, but earlier this year, in May, she contracted heartworm disease. It was caught early, and she began doxycycline right away. Luna had been on heartworm medication throughout her life.

While the vets found no signs of heartworm, they learned that Luna's body had developed autoimmune hemolytic anemia where the body attacks and destroys red blood cells. With heavy hearts, the family made the decision to put Luna to rest so that she could be at peace.

Nyamoi (Princess/Storm)

February 14, 2020

The day before the short walk down the road and the longer road ahead....

This photo of this walk was 38 hours before a wonderful life ended. This is one of the most crushing things that Sandy has had to deal with. A life cut too short by a terrible, hidden cancer. 5 and a half glorious years. Sandy's memory...It was a lovely walk and we played with a stick. She chased it for a while and then she walked along the snowy track with it and I would run for a few paces and then she would start running a little to stay ahead. When I went back to walking she would start walking again, and so it went on. Then she decided she would run on the snowy ridge beside the paved trail with her stick, tempting me with it. When I wouldn't go up after it she abandoned it, ran down the little slope and jumped gracefully across the little ditch full of water that looked like a little stream to walk beside me back to the car. She always knew how to play with me. Almost seems like a dream now.

Nyomi passed from cancer at 5.5 years old

Vinny (Luna/Zorro)

August 14, 2017

Vinny (Zorro/Luna) passed away today while my family and I were out of the house. We loved Vinny so very, very much. He was just a few weeks shy of his seventh bday. We will miss him snapping bumble bees out of the air, watching his big, goofy tongue flop when he ran, his joyful, prancing gait and his sweet demeanor. Whoever met Vinny immediately fell in love with his handsome looks, amazing coat, and loving temperament. Give your puppies an extra hug for us tonight and send Vinny your love. This is how we will remember Vinny. Laying peacefully in the sun, waiting for a belly rub. We love you, Vinny.

Grimner "Blue"
Grinmer Auggie Toodles .jpg

Grimner "Blue" from Auggie and Toodles has passed away January 2, 2020, from unknown intestinal complications. Just shy of 5 months old. He fought until the end. Rest in peace little guy

Update: Necropsy showed 2 necrotic intussusception, no obstructing foreign bodies. Grimner was Born August 22, 2019.

Violet (Nadine/Bear)
Violet Nadine Bear.jpg
Violet (Nadine Bear)

Sweet Violet (Nadine/Bear) passed away February 18, 2020. she had a Mass on the spleen. She was not quite 4 years old. During surgery they found tumors throughout. She was bleeding internally.

Maddy (Annie/Beamer)
Maddy (Annie Beamer) June 12, 2017.jpg
Maddy (Annie/Beamer)

We were walking leisurely in the woods with my best friend and her dog early this morning and she stopped, laid down, and didn't get back up. It was incredibly sudden, and I am incredibly heartbroken, but we were sitting with her, and she left us peacefully. June 12, 2017. She was the very best dog, and I will never be able to replace her.

Beamer Zorro Winnetka May 8 2018.jpg

Beamer (Zorro/Winnetka) passed away yesterday May 8, 2018, just over a month away from his 12th birthday. He had an aggressive cancer that forced a quick end. We made sure he did not suffer, and he passed in the warm loving embrace of his family. We should all be so lucky. Our hearts are broken. I loved this dog more than most people I know. There was no need for verbal communication between us. We just knew. He lived by three rules: 1) the pack is everything, 2) Home is where the heart is, 3) Don’t look for a fight, but if it comes looking for you meet it head on.

Many of you have Beamer in your bloodlines. Consider yourselves extremely fortunate if you do. He was one of the very best the AA breed had to offer in every way.

Our time was too short with this beautiful soul, but he gave us precious memories and will live on in family legend. Thank you, Lois, for bringing him into our lives.

Cricket (Beamer/Annie) search and Rescue dog
Cricket - adult.jpg

Cricket was Jay's dog.

April 5 at 12:41 PM ·

We had to say goodbye to our 13-year-old American Alsatian dog, Cricket (Beamer/Annie), this morning. She was a trained air scent search and rescue dog and Jay’s best furry friend. Jay held her in his arms as he reminded her of all the good times, they shared together playing hide and seek in the forest. She went to sleep peacefully dreaming of rescuing people lost and afraid in the woods. She was a great dog till the very end, and I often called them both “Lassie and Timmy” because of the special bond of friendship they had with one another. Goodbye sweet friend. We will see you again in another life where pain doesn’t exist.

Aslan (Zorro/Sooner)
Aslan face.jpg
Aslan, My best furry friend

July 6, 2017

Aslan, my best furry friend in all the world, walked across the rainbow bridge today. In his last breath, he raised his head to my cheek and hugged me good-bye. I will miss him beyond words. He was without a doubt the best dog I have ever known. My heart dog. My companion.

Aslan was only 5 years old and much too young to have left us here to morn his loss. He passed away from complications of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) which he developed several years ago. Although his comprehensive DNA test revealed that he was clear from over 160 genetic diseases, was not a carrier and OFA rated him good in his overall two-year hip score as well as negative for elbow dysplasia, he still struggled in his later life with his lung health. Unfortunately, COPD has no cure and has not yet been identified genetically. We did all we could for him to remain comfortable, but in the end he developed a high fever that he could not shake.

We will look for you, my dear friend, on the other side when it is finally our turn to take our eternal rest.

Boss (Hammer/Blossom)
boss 4
Boss (Hammer/Blossom)

August 7 2023, 6:06 pm

It is with a heavy heart that I let everyone know that Boss (Hammer/Blossom) passed over the Rainbow Bridge this morning.

Three weeks ago he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma (bone cancer) of the left distal radius (elbow on front left leg) after having an x-ray to determine what was causing him to limp.

Another exam by a veterinarian oncologist confirmed the diagnosis.

Boss contributed greatly to the Dire wolf project. He sired 38 puppies.

. He lived out his life in his beautiful forest home in Colorado.