Therapeutic Visitation Therapy Dogs are household pets whose owners take time to visit hospitals, nursing homes, and rehabilitation facilities. Therapeutic Visitation Therapy Dogs are the most common type of therapy dog. The idea for a pet dog to become a therapy dog is made by the owner because he/she believes that either his/her dog would make a good therapy dog or because he/she would like to participate in this form of volunteer activity – or both. These dogs help individuals who must live away from home due to mental or physical illness. A visit from a Therapeutic Visitation Therapy Dog can brighten their day, lift their spirits, and help motivate them in their therapy or treatment with the goal of going home.

DireWolf Guardians does not specifically train Therapeutic Visitation Therapy Dogs. This type of training is the sole responsibility of each individual American Alsatian companion dog owner interested in pursuing therapy dog certification. DireWolf Guardians is happy to provide training support, but it should be noted that all training support and advice given by any staff member of DireWolf Guardians is merely a suggestion and is not to be considered binding or contracted through DireWolf Guardians in any way. Any training undertaken by the American Alsatian owner from the direct advice given by a staff member of DireWolf Guardians is at the owner’s own discretion. DireWolf Guardians is not to be held liable for any training failures given by an American Alsatian owner at any time.

DireWolf Guardians does, however, certify dogs for Canine Good Citizen (CGC) as well as award Therapeutic Visitation Therapy Dog certification for those dogs who pass either the CGC or the C.L.A.S.S test. Periodic recertification is necessary to ensure continued Therapeutic Visitation Therapy Dog success.