Guardian’s Angel Program Volunteer

A Guardian’s Angel Program Volunteer works directly with an active DireWolf Guardian team as the point of contact between the DireWolf Guardian program and the team. This person answers any questions that the team may have, reminds the team when recertification is due, and regularly posts any relevent team news to the Angel Wings Blog.

Guardian’s Heavenly Host Program Volunteer

A Guardian’s Heavenly Host is a host family for a DireWolf Guardian puppy in training. They must understand how to puppy raise a potential DireWolf Guardian assistance dog to have good manners and the stable patience to handle many different types of situations. Heavenly Hosts use mark and reward training to guide the puppy to understand how to seek out correct behaviors. The volunteers in this category socialize their assigned puppy, train it for advanced obedience, and ready their puppy for the public access test. Heavenly Hosts retain their puppies until it is time for the young potential guardian to return to DireWolf Guardian’s training facility for formal finishing training.

Training Facility Saint

Training Facility Saints may perform any of the following: wash and clean surfaces and other custodial duties, replace or change out training obstacles, create realistic environments using basic carpentry skills, and fixing minor repairs. This type of volunteer helps with the activties of the behind-the-scenes work that are so vital to help our training facility run smoothly.

Training Support Saint

A Training Support Saint helps a certified DireWolf Guardian trainer during the finishing stage. He/she may stand in as human obstacles, help socialize the Dire Wolf Guardian dog in training, perform overall stewart support such as filling out basic training log requirements for the trainer, or assisting in testing requirements.

Event Support Saint

An Event Support Saint volunteers during an training event or class to prepare for the event, set up the event, call members and others involved in the event, coordinate the structure of the event, keep a schedule, and make sure the event runs smoothly. They may also work with the media and/or write press releases for DireWolf Guardians.

Let us know how you would like to help!