Luckily, you have purchased a dog breed that is relatively quiet and calm. That doesn't mean it will never communicate verbally, though. Dogs have a different way of communicating that is different from us humans. They use body language to tell us their needs. Much of the time, this subtle body language is lost on humans who have adapted away from non-verbal communication in favor of speech. As a result, we have a tendency to miss a lot of the early body language that dogs/puppies use to share their wants and desires. When this happens, dogs and puppies may resort to less subtle forms of communication. Whining, barking, howling, and loudly crying out can result when humans disregard a dog or puppy's non-verbal means of communication.

If your dog/puppy is barking/vocalizing more than you would like, there are some things you can do to help your dog/puppy feel more heard without resorting to more vocalization. Here is a great video describing all of the background behind why dogs and puppies use verbal communication and what you can do to help them get their needs met and learn to live in a human world without barking or carrying on.

STOP Your Dog From Barking