Dogs dig for many different reasons. The good thing is that you have purchased a dog breed that has a low tendency for prey and play drive, so some of the following reasons dogs dig are not as strong.

Here is a list of reasons for why dogs dig:

  1. Boredom
  2. Chase/hunt an underground animal
  3. They are hot and the earth is cool below the surface
  4. Mother dogs may instinctively dig a den when they are nesting
  5. Provide shelter from the elements
  6. Hide a coveted object
  7. Compulsive digging disorder
  8. Digging out of an enclosure

Sometimes, however, owners find that their dog/puppy begins to dig when or where they shouldn't. In these times, it is important to know what to do so that you can mitigate the activity as much as possible.

  1. Give your dog/puppy physical boundaries. Use crates, kennels, exercise pens, and your house to set up spaces where your puppy or dog can be throughout its life.
  2. Structure your dog/puppy's day. Do not allow it too much time outside on its own. Have routines for being outside with supervision.
  3. Prevent boredom by providing stimulating mental challenges, such as: treat toys, training, or challenging games (like learning fetch or playing nose work games)
  4. Enclose important off-limits areas of your yard (like a garden) where your dog/puppy cannot go. Use fencing or other structures to discourage your dog/puppy from entering that space.
  5. Give your dog/puppy ways to cool off outside during hot days. Use kiddie pools or misters to help your dog stay cool when outside.
  6. If you must leave your dog/puppy outside during inclement weather, provide adequate shelter for them to get out of the harsh elements. An insulated dog house or a dog bed in a corner location under a covered porch will help your dog/puppy stay out of the rain, snow, or wind.
  7. When feeing your dog a special bone or object that it covets, keep your dog on a concrete or equivalent surface during its interaction with the object. Once the dog has finished enjoying the object, then put it away until next time.
  8. If your dog is pregnant, or going through a false pregnancy, give her a den area where she can nest. This will ease any anxiety she may feel from not having a prepared space for her impending little ones.
  9. Do not allow your dog/puppy outside on its own to fend for itself for hours at a time. Set up your dog/puppy's daily routine so that it has interesting things to do during the day besides hunting the rabbits in the field near your house.

The following video will help you know how to stop your dog/puppy from digging.

How to STOP Dogs Digging