DireWolf Dogs are the first large breed family companion dogs specifically bred to have a calm, mellow demeanor. They can range in size from extra large to giant. No one wants an extra large or giant dog jumping up on humans to get attention. The problem is that puppies show affection by jumping up and licking an older dog's muzzle. This is appropriate submissive behavior for a subordinate puppy/dog when greeting another of its species.

Humans do not greet one another this way. Puppies are not born into the world knowing how to communicate properly with humans. They do not know jumping up is unacceptable when greeting our more fragile species. Therefore, we must specifically teach each new puppy that jumping up onto a human is not correct. We need to help our American Dirus dog understand exactly how to greet a human.

Here are the steps:

  1. Use marker training to teach your dog the word, "no" means "what you did just now is not correct".
  2. Use marker training to teach your dog the word, "yes" means "what you did just now is correct".
  3. Pay attention to your dog when it is calm.
  4. Ignore your dog when it jumps up.
  5. If your dog doesn't stop when you ignore it, tell the dog "no" and turn or walk away.
  6. If you dog jumps up after the "no" and ignore, then walk into your dog, moving into its space. This forces the dog to have to move backward or manipulate itself to get out of your way. Once it is down on all fours, you can stop moving forward and wait for a more appropriate response. Repeat this step as often as you need until your dog tires of the unproductive interaction.
  7. When you dog settles and offers you an appropriate behavior, then reward with praise or "yes"/treat.
How to Stop Jumping Up and Neediness