A slip lead is a leash that wraps around the dog's neck. Many balanced dog trainers use this type of training leash. It is easy to take on and off. Many veterinarian offices have these types of leashes hanging near the door for owners in case they forget to bring a leash for their dog. Slip Leads come in different thicknesses. Most are rounded, but some can be thin strips of material, such as the ones used at veterinarian offices.

Slip Lead - Golden Retriever
Slip Lead placed correctly

In our opinion, this leash is an excellent way to communicate to your dog. When using balanced dog training techniques, this type of leash is able to be used to place mild physical pressure to the dog without the need for sharp correction or punishing force. The very act of utilizing pressure and the release of pressure allows the human to communicate exactly when the dog has correctly performed the desired behavior on a leash. It is especially great for puppies and adults that have already learned to yield to leash pressure.

This type of lead is not for large adult dogs that have not been trained. Unruly dogs that are large and possibly afraid or anxious about being tethered to a leash will have a difficult time with this leash. Also, humans will have a difficult time working with an unruly large dog using this lead.

Here is a video introduction of a slip lead.

How to Use a Slip Lead

Here is another video showing how to use a slip lead for the first time on a young puppy that is ready to begin learning leash pressure. We usually use a harness and retractable leash on very young puppies (click the link to learn why), but once they understand leash pressure using the harness, we switch to a slip lead. Southend Dog Training demonstrates exactly how to introduce a dog or puppy to a slip lead using leash pressure.

Slip Lead Basics