Ever Loved So Much It Made You Cry?

By Jay Stoeckl, Chief Assistant to the Assistant, Assistant Breeder, Sept. 12, 2023
Hedy Lamarr - 3 weeks old - 1.jpeg
Hedy 3 weeks old

First I want to say, I SO appreciate all of you who open and read our emails. It moves me to say I consider you like family.

Before I get into the heart of my note to you, I want to describe to you something that happened to me. It begins with a question:

Have you ever loved so much it made you cry?

This happened to me this morning. I took out the white triplets, Hedy, Gracie, and Marie. With them the silver sable sister Gladys.

I don’t know why I was overcome with emotion today, but after walking them around the loop, something happened. I sat down on the park bench like I always do. Giddy and happy, the girls rumaged around the forest floor looking for sticks and things. One by one, each of them came up to me for affection.

And that’s when it happened.

Little Hedy decided it was her turn to be with me. There was no competition for my attention, she just came up to me and sat next to my legs. Her pink tongue leaned off the front of her mouth as she smiled at me. I held and petted her and told her I loved her.

Hedy has one of those thicker, wavy coats. She’s the only one. When I couldn’t recall her name several days ago, I started calling her Schneeball (pronounced schnay-ball, German for snowball). As Hedy gazed at me, I was overcome with a deeper love for this little girl. It isn’t that she’s my favorite. I love the others equally to Hedy. But something in me welled up from deep down inside.

I see something more valuable than gold in these innocent creatures. As she gazed at me, it was all that I could see. The pureness of her soul brought a happy tear to my eyes. I know, I know, men are not supposed to cry like that, but this morning I did.

I wrapped my arms around Hedy and told her how much I love her.

I share with you this story, because most of you have your special little one. Today, call them up to you and look deep into their eyes as they gaze at you. Wrap your arms around them and let them know how much they mean to you.

Jennifer is moving west now with her rescue dog in tow. I wish her Godspeed for her trip home as home just isn’t the same without her.

Let us know if you might be interested in a fully trained female pup. It’s a new thing we’ll be trying out and we’re excited to get it started.

Three females still remain available from the Genius Litter.

Currently, they are for sale at our normal prices. $2500 - $3800.


When Jennifer returns from this trip, she will train these intelligent girls. Our intent is for them to eventually receive full companion dog certification from DireWolf Guardians and be ready to enter the family life.

Make no mistake, a fully trained family companion dog for just under $10,000 is quite a bargain… but if you want to save the money and do the training yourself, now is the time to let us know. These prices will not remain this low for very much longer.

Here is the link to find out more about them: