Owners share special moments of life with their DireWolf Dog.

Patrick luck of the Irish (Pete).png
I think Pete might just be perfect
The Luck of the Irish litter puppies turn 12 weeks old in a few days.
Patrick with sibling 31 flavors.png
Patrick's first day home
Jay has almost completed his puppy delivery.
Yogi am I a bear or a Direwolf.crop.jpg
The essence of a companion dog
Listen… if you just want the typical tail-chasing dog, you won’t find that here.
Dublin - 6 weeks old - sitting
The VERY FIRST LESSON to teach your new puppy
f you don’t have your puppy yet, you are going to want to keep this email for when that time comes.
Direwolf express Van.png
Fried Chicken, Potato Salad, and Cold Cuts
When I was ten years old, my parents took us on vast cross-country trips to visit family back east.
Patrick - 6 weeks old - standing
10 essential items you need before your new puppy arrives
The Luck of the Irish litter puppies are going home!
Stewart freeze dried treat
Freeze-Dried Raw Treats
Yesterday, we learned that Purina dog foods may be the cause of a spike in food-related deaths in pets since January 2024.
Purina rrecall.png
Freeze-Dried Raw
Yesterday, we learned that Purina dog foods may be the cause of a spike in food-related deaths in pets since January 2024.
Purina rrecall.png
DEADLY dog food?
Purina Pet Foods
Monster Movie Banner.png
Godzilla vs. King Kong
LaBrea is Coming Banner.jpg
What'd you do to this dog? She's afraid of everything!
Jay and I once met a local dog breeder who was selling his shepherd mix puppies at a Walmart parking lot for $100.
Emris 2016.jpg
All he wanted was his freedom
Sometimes, when life gets chaotic, you just want to get away from the daily grind for a while.
Clover - 6 weeks old - sitting on ground
Two things ALL puppies do
Clover’s people will be so happy to have another puppy in the house again.
Patrick - 6 weeks old - sitting near wobble board
"You are my weakness."
Just like humans, dogs have fears, too.
Luck of the Irish eating real food first time.png
This puppy surprised me by coming out first
To me, the Dire Wolf Project is a shiny light of peace and tranquility amidst a chaotic world.
Cookie Monster - adult16
Rescued or exploited? See beyond the saviors!
The statistics below were collected from the following sources: NAIA, AHSA, and ASPCA
Dreamer close up.jpg
There was something strange about that water bowl
Mamma Dreamer has a superstition.
Delaney - 4 weeks old - head shot
This moment changed everything for Delaney
sweet mama Dreamer pushed her nose against my toes to tell me she’d like to go outside.
The puppies are moving out!
There’s this funny thing about giant puppies… THEY GROW!
Jay and his Angel Wolf Yeti 2024.jpg
My AngelWolf in the Face of Loss
On the morning of April 11th, I lost my mother.
Five puppies ask, "What is a human?"
Awe, puppies. 🥰
Delaney - 3 weeks old - sitting up
This puppy seeks attention in the most peculiar way
I hear a desperate cry for help from the whelping pen in the living room.
What happens to dogs that don't find homes
American Dirus dogs are meant to be family companion dogs.
Flea and tick repellent recipe
It’s that time of year when fleas and ticks begin to bother us.
Yeti - teenager - apple - standing - head tilt
Yeti's journey around the country
Jay departed on the latest Dire Wolf Express trip.
I can't support the Dire Wolf Project. I hate dog breeders
Are you a dog breeder?
Red Chrysler Pacific.png
Next DireWolf Express Leaving Soon
a unique service we offer: the DireWolf Express.
nuvet lab photo.png
What happens when meat sludge is cooked into kibble
May the road rise to meet you, my friend!
Zola’s (fka Gladys) .jpg
We can't do surgery on wolves
a funny story from one of our American Dirus owners.
An early death from cancer - part 2
Yesterday, we mourned the loss of a beautiful DireWolf Dog that passed on much too soon at 6 years old, most likely from cancer.
An early death from cancer
I must announce a particularly difficult passing from a 6-year-old American Alsatian named Barghest out of Boss and Vegas from the Schwarz Kennels.
Hedy - teenager 5
She was tortured brutally, so I had to move her
There she was with her head hung low, cowering in the back corner.
A dog's breed doesn't determine its behavior
Or so science says.
Bonnie Lee Rainbowcropped.jpg
A final howl before departing beyond the horizon
Her story weaves across the lives of many.
Elatha - 3 weeks old - head
An argument with AI
“Imprinting is the word used instead of pack bonding.”
Yeti and her new collar.png
If only I were the King of England
If only I were the King of England.
Finnegan at Janisses.jpg
Is pet insurance worth it?
Personally, I hate pet insurance.
max as a puppy.jpg
How a selfish dog becomes selfless
Did you know you can promote either a selfish or a selfless dog?
Miss Cindy Sue.jpg
Do dogs blush?
"If beauty were time, you'd be an eternity"
TWO DAYS after he arrived, he did something incredible.
What an amazing breed we have!
Health check-up completed!
Today, we took the seven Giants Litter puppies, Monstro, and Narissa to the vet
Giants litter
Vet check-up day has arrived!
Today’s the day the puppies travel to Davenport Veterinary Clinic
Elatha - 3 weeks old - head
It's the last week at the Dire Wolf Project!
Only a few more days until the Giants Litter puppies go home to their new families!
Patagón - a race of giants
The first mention of the Patagon giants came from the writings of Ferdinand
Elatha - 3 weeks old - head
Elatha - King of the Fomorians
Yesterday, we talked about Patagón and where her name came from.
Yeti with ears.jpg
Down with the Patriarchy!
Has the Dire Wolf Project finally turned against traditional western cultural norms and gone WOKE!?!
Anniversary and the Sad Eyes of Dismay
the pure reason we grieve when saying goodbye to a good dog.
3 year old Finnegan in the snow.jpg
How do dogs walk on the snow and ice without freezing?
It is the middle of winter and many places around North America are covered in snow and ice.
Miss cindy sue spa day Aug 16.jpg cropped.jpg
Sounds of Solitude for the Soul
I walked through the sliding glass doors of the main entrance to the hospital and instantly my body relaxed.
Giants litter
New Years Filled with Hope... and Puppies.
Jennifer was exhausted after a long day, so I offered to take on the correspondence to you, our most cherished friends.
Zola’s (fka Gladys) .jpg
Don't take my word for it...
Yesterday, we explored how different the American Dirus dog puppies do on a 3-week-old temperament test compared to other breeds.
Yeti 8 weeks.jpg
The Joy of Raising a Puppy!
For the past two and a half years, a few who know me had asked if ever there would come a time when I would choose one of our dogs for myself
Gladys - teenager4
White Wolves in the Wilderness
I just made my second video! And this one is my best one yet!
baby finnegan.jpg
The Mysterious Canine Mind: How Do They Know?
I want to first thank all of you who shared your amazing stories! I
Dog Cabins in the Forest
If Only In My Dreams
Today, I made my first movie.
Trixie from Jay's email.jpg
Trixie's Happy Tail
The Christmas season is a beautiful time for telling a heartwarming tale
Do grain-free dog foods cause dilated cardiomyopathy?
Canine nutrition is a hotly debated subject.
Mysterious dog illness is spreading
A baffling new mystery dog illness,
Cat with Puppies
NINETY-FIVE people on the waiting list!?!
Holy heck… that seems like a LOT of people.
The BEST Black Friday deal on the Internet!
For the next twelve hours only (6am to 6pm Pacific),
laBrea Evans.png
14 rainy day activities to do with your dog
fourteen fun activities you can do indoors with your dog.
Miss Cindy Sue.jpg
National "Cook for your Dog" Day
it’s National “Cook for Your Dog” Day,
Yeti (2).jpg
Yeti's first time outside
In the early hours of a new day, as the sun paints the sky
Minerva's journey home
As the autumn days blanket the Dire Wolf Project headquarters
Emris Huck-Sprinkle.jpg 1 year 3 months.jpg
The Black Knight remains immortal in our hearts
In the chill of Fall 2015, a little dark silver puppy named Emris entered the world as part of the Knights of the Round table litter.
Mary hoping for some pets
An Enchanting Autumn Stroll
In the heart of eastern Washington state,
Gladys standing.jpg
The Three Friendly Ghosts of Friday the 13th
Once upon a moonlit night,
Hercules sitting.jpg
National Pet Obesity Day!
Did you know that today is National Pet Obesity Day?
Where Is Jennifer?
Have you ever heard of a breeder driving all the way to New England
Hedy Lamarr - 3 weeks old - 1.jpeg
Ever Loved So Much It Made You Cry?
I took out the white triplets, Hedy, Gracie, and Marie.
Lacey 4.jpg
Happy 13th Birthday, Lacey!!
a silver sable DireWolf Dog named Lacey turned 13 years old,
Rescue Dog Menagerie
Max, our most recent rescue, has captured our hearts
Cricket search and rescue.jpg
Jay's Heart Dog
Jay’s heart dog, Cricket.
Albreta and Yeti cuddling.jpg
A baby yeti nestled in the crook of my arms
a cute, snuggly newborn puppy named Yeti.
Nikola Tesla - 3 weeks old - 2.jpeg
All the Treats and Plenty of Love
A new American Dirus family is training their puppy right!
Love is NOT enough
The following is a true story,
Someone accused of animal cruelty just applied for a puppy
We perform an extensive Internet check on every family
Albreta - adult9
Autumn puppies are on the way!
I have exciting new to share
Vlad -2
What could possibly go wrong on a short 2-hour trip to Idaho?
American Dirus dog, Vlad, by our side.
What happens the day puppies travel home?
What a jam-packed weekend for us here at the Dire Wolf Project!
Dogs that don't want to share...
Yesterday’s video was great, right?!
Puppy Go home Bag Contents Explained!
the world’s first large breed companion dog,
My brow is sweating just thinking about everything we do!
We send an email every weekday morning (M-F)
Gladys Newborn puppy back
How to know when you are ready for a puppy
So, you think you might be ready for a new dog or puppy in your life soon, do you?
Hercules 2 in tub.jpg
The fireworks were insane!
Ah… the ramparts red glare… the bombs bursting in air!
Karelian Bear Dog.jpg
Why you don't want a BOLD or FEARLESS dog as a family companion dog
Oh… the joy of a puppy playing with reckless abandon!
Shennara Snow
What does it mean to be ALOOF to strangers?
we spoke about the unique large breed family companion dog
She is perfect for us and our lifestyle!
It is always great to receive feedback from owners.
bones would rain from the sky.png
Discover a deeper world behind our canine companions
I want to share with you three of my all-time favorite books on dogs.
Hedy Lamarr - 3 weeks old - 3.jpeg
The Legendary White Wolf
Have you ever had a dream about a white wolf?
Gladys Newborn puppy back
I'm ridiculous! Perhaps even blasphemous!
Yesterday’s email was an emotionally challenging one.
Genius Litter Newborns
We deliver our puppies directly to your doorstep
One of the most unique features about the Dire Wolf Project
Most of us have good intentions.
Most of us have good intentions.
Beren Buffalo Bill.jpg
Kids and DireWolf Dogs: How they fit together
how well do American Dirus dogs handle children?
baltic Gold in his new home
Advice from a new puppy owner
Puppies are so cute and cuddly.
Is your American Dirus dog a picky eater?
Over at the “DireWolf Dog Health” group on Facebook, a particular post has gone viral.
stonnie Dennis.jpg
I have boundaries. Do you?
I want to address a very polarized topic in dog training among even very prominent dog trainers.
sources of pet dogs.png
New judgment from "Verdict Vicki"... Gotta love it!
In this video, I featured our 14-day-old puppies from the Genius litter (Essex/Regina).
The best dog we've ever had!
“Are you keeping all the puppies from the Genius litter?”
dog training cost.png
Should you hire a trainer or train on your own?
Dogs take work.
cotton candy in her new home
Dogs take work.
I have heard from a number of them how amazing it is to train this special breed of giant companion dog.
candy pup2.jpeg
When Candy Was a Ghost
I’m talking a lot these days about Candy girl
Walking my Candy back home
I wake up and find Cotton Candy awaiting me outside the door
What ALL new parents experience in their puppies... and what to do about it.
All puppies bite, jump, cry/whine when alone, chew, and pull on the leash. Here's what you can do about it.
First and second puppies have gone home!
Last minute tasks before our guests arrive
17 dogs and 2 humans in ONE car!
The phone rang at 8:00 am sharp!
puppies road trip
Making final preparations for the BIG DireWolf Express trip!
Today we travel the puppies to our vet and much more!
10 things you need to prepare for your NEW puppy
Lots of puppies are heading home next Thursday!
Monstro and Baluster.jpeg
Newest pictures of our adults have been posted!
It is our pleasure to gift you a little of our time each day.
Pretty Puppy Pictures are Priceless!
today we give you updated puppy pictures!
13 puppies found their FUREVER homes Inbox
What a fun puppy picking day it was yesterday!
Dozer and Canary1.jpeg
20 Puppies?! That's a lot of CUTE!
Sometimes the best way to pick a puppy is on a video call.
Excavator pup3
What your puppy learns before it arrives home
Your puppy learns manners
Beach Tote - branded
Puppy Go Home Bag: 13 Things That Come With Your Puppy
100th newsletter
9 essential puppy training items
Training items
Meriwether pup6.jpg
This dog training item is very controversial, but we recommend it!
Retractable leash training
Sedna pup.jpeg
Can a companion dog breed be a working dog?
we explored the nature of a companion dog.
Can artificial intelligence lie to you?
One of our owners recently shared with me another article about our dog breed.
A little bit of Opal in your Life
Our black Lab/German Shepherd Dog cross named Opal is having babies!
Excavator pup1
What Have I Gotten Us Into Now?
Major change coming! Find out what it is in the post.
Sedna pup.jpeg
When to spay/neuter?
The decision on when to spay/neuter is such a personal one.
Can any dog be a Companion Dog
Companion dogs are more than just training and upbringing
Safety first
Your new American Dirus dog or puppy must rely entirely on you to keep it safe.
Mr Rogers - 4 weeks old
Puppy training for dummies
Training dog handbook
American Alsatian DireWolf Dog, Cotton Candy, looking happy in the snow.
Running with wolf dogs
The American Dirus dog breed is NOT a wolfdog. The Dire Wolf Project has never, nor will it ever, introduce wolf content of any kind into this breed for any reason. Today, I want to share with you a great article written by a wolfdog breeder. It hi
Harbor pup 7
How to find the perfect vet
My breeders intake on what makes a perfect vet
Sea Monsters Litter1
A Very Victorious Valentines Day
A wonderful Young couple came to visit
Dock of the Bay Newborn pups
Three littersRising
Dock of the Bay
philosophy book.jpg
Canine Culture shock
communicating with your dog
I Love Candy!
Candy returns home
Lock pup 6
What toy colors are best for your dogs
Dogs don't see in the same way as we do
Play time is Ruff
More puppy pictures please
Sheikh Ball
Are Vets Crooked Thieves?
Seems like veterinarians in some places in the country are WAY too expensive for what they offer. Do you know who your vet is?
Fill the Emptiness.jpg
Fill the Emptiness!
In these most difficult and challenging times, we need the support of loving friends more than ever. The Dire Wolf Project hopes to help you fill the emptinesses in your life. Read on to learn more.
Loss is Never Easy
Today, the American Alsatian Facebook page received a detailed negative review of the breed from a former prominent member of our American Alsatian Owners group. The painful review reminded me of how very difficult it can be to stand firm on clear pr