The Legendary White Wolf

By Jay Stoeckl, June 26, 2023
Hedy Lamarr - 3 weeks old - 3.jpeg
Heddy at 3 weeks from the Genius litter

Have you ever had a dream about a white wolf? Many dream interpreters say that this is a good omen. Unless, of course, you’re at odds with the wolf, then you’re likely in contention within your spiritual self.

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“Sighting a white wolf or dreaming about one means you are striving to get in touch with your inner self.You’re introspective, trying to figure out what you really want in life. A white wolf is a good sign, but a black wolf is not.”

I don’t place much weight on dream interpretations. Only one interpretation has ever consistently come to pass. But White Wolf legends span hundreds of years and intertwine many cultures. There are three major cultures who have venerated the white wolf throughout history (and prehistory).

The North American tribes ascribed the white wolf with symbols of spiritual power, strength, and transformation. They are the spiritual messengers bringing guidance and wisdom to all who need it. Many of the indigenous cultures believe white wolves possessed healing power.

The African tribes tell of the white wolf as mysterious and believe such a creature possesses supernatural abilities.

The Asian cultures saw white wolves as omens of good fortune. The Japanese called the white wolf the “white bear” symbolizing courage, strength, and wisdom. The Chinese saw them has having supernatural powers like shape-shifting as well as magical healing powers. And in India they are believed to bring good luck.

Sounds like all three cultures share the same beliefs. Their stories and legends will vary, but to each of them, the white wolf is a rare and positive presence whether seen in dreams or in real life.

When many of you read my article about seeing Candy like a white ghost dog in the misty night, that left such an impression on me I can never forget. It was not a haunting feeling, not in the bad sense. It was awe-inspiring and the site of her made my heart beat really fast.

I talk to you about this, because in our approach to God’s Breeding Plan™, white puppies are rare, just like the wolves in the wild. Even when helping Regina give birth, I was amazed at how many came out white. Just like the ancient cultures, I took this as a good sign—a positive omen to our future.

Three of these white “dire wolf” puppies are for sale off the waiting list. If you feel the inspiration to have this majestic, traditional sign of good fortune in your life, you can view them here:

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Jay Stoeckl