Walking my Candy back home

By Jay Stoeckl, Chief Assistant to the Assistant, Assistant Breeder, May 2, 2023
Candy looking beautiful in her furry white coat

First a big FYI.  Regina is pregnant with puppies due in a few weeks.

Each morning I wake up and find Cotton Candy awaiting me outside the door. Candy is as sweet as her name. Her flurry white coat and dark eyes greet me as if I am the greatest thing she could ever imagine on this earth.

That’s the way I think of her, too.

With winter over, Candy prefers to be outside most of the time. She hangs close to the house, keeps an eye out for deer or coyotes. Who knows, maybe she gazes at the stars. But it is me who is the center of her universe.

To keep her company, I’ve allowed Monstro to hang out with her. The two of them romp and play and Monstro likes to play tag with our orange tabby Hobbes. Like Candy, Monstro is extraordinary. Such a good boy in every way.

Each morning, even before my coffee, I take the two of them for a hike through our pine forest, out the back gate, and over to the majestic overlook of the Columbia River. It’s the best way I know to clear my mind and plan the day ahead.

Candy, especially, won’t just hike along. She will move ahead about five yards, turn, fly to my side to let me know she still cares about me. I will pet her along her long abdomen and tell her she’s a great dog. Content with the compliment, she’ll turn and move ahead again. Then she’ll repeat the process.

It is looking like Candy may well have a new home coming. It will be her third rehoming. I told Jennifer that if this one doesn’t work out, I want her for myself. I would demand this anyway, but the young woman who has her eyes on our prize female, is so excited I cannot bear to let her down. And I think this beautiful person will be a good fit for Candy.

Each time I see Candy’s happy face, I feel a bond I don’t have yet with any of the other dogs. After my beloved Cricket passed on a few years ago, the community pondered if I would just choose a dog for my next “Special Little One.” I told them when the time was right, I would know.

Candy will likely be moving on to living near Seattle, so she’ll be close enough for an occasional visit.

Tomorrow, I wish to share with you why I came to bond so closely with Candy and why I’m okay with letting her go. It is a haunting, ghostly story and will be worth the wait.

The subject will read: When Candy Was a Ghost.

The preview text will say: I don’t know why my heart was beating fast when I saw her floating toward me in the darkness.

A bit Halloweeny sounding, I know. But this one is genuine.

Until then, thanks to those of you who take the time to listen to my meanderings. It is hard for me to imagine this post reaching over five hundred readers. You’re the best!