White Wolves in the Wilderness

By Jay Stoeckl, Chief Assistant to the Assistant, Assistant Breeder, Dec. 18, 2023
Gladys - teenager4

I just made my second video!  And this one is my best one yet!

I took “the Triplets” Gladys, Gracie, and Marie out for a hike in the woods yesterday filming them much of the time. I LOVE these three beauties. And Yeti tagged along too. The film was fun to make though I was up past midnight putting it together.

I won’t tell you much more than that. You just have to see it as I am so proud of the way this video turned out. With Jenn’s help, I’m learning the youtube craft.

Here is the link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vk_zYumt5cE

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There is also a short video with the latest clips of Jesse’s magnificent seven. Two weeks old now and eyes are opening up! I don’t have the link for that one, but if you are subscribed, it should come up. Jennifer did the uploading of that one, I just filmed it and sent it over to her via text.

I want to let those of you who have shared your stories, I plan to share them (anonymously) as they are fascinating. I’ve been a bee in a jar this weekend, so haven’t been able to get to them, but plan to write all of you later today.

Jennifer is in Texas now with Vlad and all appears to be going well.