I'm ridiculous! Perhaps even blasphemous!

By Jennifer Stoeckl, MAT - Dire Wolf Project CEO, June 22, 2023
Gladys Newborn puppy back
Gladys as a new born

Yesterday’s email was an emotionally challenging one. The story about the woman’s sadness touched many of you. Thank you for your heartfelt responses.

While puppies are cute, sweet innocent creatures full of promise, raising a puppy is quite the responsibility.

From time to time, it is good to remember the serious side of raising a puppy.

As a breeder, I see it all. The good, the bad, the disappointing, the sorrowful, and the life-altering.

It is not an easy job.

Mostly, I share about the cute, sweet, loving happiness that comes from owning a puppy. That is the majority’s experience.

But, it isn’t always a bed of roses, even with a puppy who has the greatest potential to be a wonderful, well-mannered companion dog.

The real pain some family’s feel from a difficult canine relationship is just as valid. We shouldn’t turn away from their experiences, but instead, embrace those people who have had trouble with their canine friends.

Know that Jay and I are here for you no matter what happens. We want the best for our furry friends and for your family. Always.

That is why we are dedicated to educating and sharing the truth about dog ownership.

When you look at the challenges some face, you learn to be a better canine communicator.

And that is the goal.

I know what you’re thinking.





I’m foolish!





Perhaps even blasphemous!

Am I committing the cardinal sin of salesmanship by dissuading a number of people from considering a puppy from the Dire Wolf Project?

As a breeder, shouldn’t I be talking up my puppies and sharing how amazing and grand they are?

Well, they are. That’s true.

But I’m not selling candy bars or furniture.

I am dealing with precious lives and I am passionate about each of them being in the best hands.

The reality is not everyone is ready, even though they want to be.

It is up to me, as each puppy’s protector, to make sure each potential family is prepared for what it takes to give these sweet souls the lives they deserve.

If you are ready to give our puppies the structure and training they need so they will grow to become well-mannered and respectful, as well as being loved then…

The deadline for the DireWolf Express is fast approaching.

These three beautiful fluffy, white and silver female puppies from the Genius litter are ready to go to their new homes.

If you are ready, click the link to see these intelligent companion puppies for sale:


Jennifer Stoeckl is the co-founder of the Dire Wolf Project, founder of the DireWolf Guardians American Dirus Dog Training Program, and owner/operator of DireWolf Dogs of Vallecito. She lives in the beautiful inland northwest among the Ponderosa pine forests with her pack of American Dirus dogs.