The Dire Wolf Project Splits from American Alsatian

By Jennifer Stoeckl, MAT - Dire Wolf Project CEO, July 5, 2022

Today marks a bold move by Lois's daughter, Jennifer Stoeckl, to remove herself from the trademarked name, American Alsatian™. Citing unreconcilable differences between her sister, Amey Gage, who had recently joined the breeding family, Jennifer Stoeckl and her husband, Jay Stoeckl, decided to part ways and continue the Dire Wolf Project and DireWolf Dogs under the new breed name, American Dirus™. Lois Schwarz, the founder of the breed, chose to continue her line of dogs with the help of her younger daughter, Amey Gage, under the American Alsatian™ trademark.

You can find the American Alsatian™ at the following website: