Find out what is happening at Dire Wolf Project headquarters!

1st Email Sent to our Tribe HUGE Success!
The Dire Wolf Project recently shifted away from a sole presence on social media and the response has been amazing!
NEW Email Subscription Set Up is Complete!
The Dire Wolf Project's new email subscription service is complete and ready for service. We will send out an email update each week for our members.
Newly updated Dire Wolf Project website is a howling success!
The newly updated Dire Wolf Project website went live a week ago and already users have flocked to the site to find out more!
NPR Interview
A little while ago now, I was interviewed by NPR in Los Angeles about the Dire Wolf Project. It was right around the time that the second season of "Game of Thrones" came out. Well, the interview never aired...
Puppy Adoption Questionnaire Updates
Today, Dire Wolf Project, Inc. staff updated the Puppy Adoption Questionnaire to include several new questions.
The American Alsatian dog currently maintains 6 distinct haplotypes.
Genetic diversity is essential to maintain a small population such as the dogs bred within the Dire Wolf Project. With the aid of genetic analysis, we strive to retain as much genetic diversity as we can while still working toward breed uniformity.
Dire Wolf Project Breeder Proposes Two New Genetic Coat Color Hypotheses
The American Alsatian dog breeder, Jennifer Stoeckl, owner/operator of DireWolf Dogs of Vallecito, LLC and Dire Wolf Project, Inc co-founder, has developed two hypotheses of inheritance that we would like to formally present.
NEW Dire Wolf Project Website!
Last year in spring 2020, I received an unsolicited call on my phone. I don't usually pick up the phone when I do not know who it is, but this time I did. I was surprised to find out who it was on the other end!