Breeding Strongbred Dogs is COMPLETELY Different than Breeding Purebreds

By Lois Schwarz, July 27, 2021
Lois and Minerva

Breeding a NEW breed of dog means a breeder must ‘outcross’ to get desired results, select pups that can get the breeder to the ‘blue print’ of what she is looking for, then ‘INTERBREED’ to keep it.

It’s like starting from scratch baking a cake. You have a particular taste in mind and you have to add or subtract ingredients until you finally get everything in the right order, consistency and cooking times down pat. You have to know which flavors overpower other flavors and how much flour to add so that it is not TOO much or TOO LITTLE.

When breeding purebreds all you have to do is to buy a male and female that you feel will beget offspring that represent the Blueprints of the breed.

There is a second part and that is the character, attitude and traits of the breed. These things are unseen and hard to breed for if you are new to breeding animals and some people don’t care for the character traits of a particular breed so they make babies that do not have the 300 year instincts that were purposefully bred into that particular breed. This is the tough stuff to breed for and like I just said, many do not know how to breed for character traits of their breed.

So, when I am breeding my dogs (from scratch) I have a whole bunch of things to look for in one of my pups. I am not JUST breeding dogs for people or for profit, I am on a quest to beget the perfect DIRE WOLF that match the dimensions of the prehistoric Dire Wolf bones.

I breed FOR MYSELF because I need to get another pup with the genes that will become the final look as well as be that laid back companion dog that everyone can get along with.

Since I have been doing this for over 30 yrs, I have dogs with a lot of the stuff I need, I just need to tweek it here and there now. So you will see me breed a bitch one time, then put her up for sale. Why? Because I have the pup I need and I need to now, move on to the next generation to get closer to my goal.

Sometimes I get a bitch that has EVERYTHING I need… 30 yrs of stuff I have been saving in one bitch. Do I just breed her once? Nope. What I do is I breed her to a large variety of males with different things and I keep a pup out of every breeding. So, when you see me breeding a bitch 4 or 5 times, you might pay attention to which males I am breeding her with, and which pups.

I am choosing. Those of you that have been following me for a very long time can see the transformation coming together.

Next I will ‘INBREED’ those pups together keeping a strong genetic string on the Bitch or Sires side of the gene pool. I will be getting rid of the long coat, the heavy undercoat, the brown eyes, the down ears.. TWEAKING the stock and right before your eyes, you will see the DIRE WOLF EMERGE.

So do not compare me to a ‘BREEDER’ that breeds purebreds because that is not what I am doing. Do not place me in the ‘PUPPYMILL’ category because you will be wrong there also. I BREED FOR MYSELF and when I get to my goal, you will find me keeping my dogs and only breeding every now and then to continue having the dogs I love so very much. I will have achieved my goal. I have already gotten there; I am now just trying to perfect the outcome in my litters and then I shall be done. Remember that I breed for myself first. If I did not want a pup, I would not breed. If you did not want one of my pups, I would not breed.

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Lois Schwarz is the founder of the Dire Wolf Project and owns Schwarz Dogs. She lives in the beautiful Oregon rainforests among the oak groves with her pack of American Alsatian dogs.