Peer Inside a Strongbred Breeder's Mind
I initially wanted to keep Zurg and Buttercup from the Toy Story Litter (Tudor/Razar), but when I received their DNA testing reports back, I changed my mind and chose the two gold wolf sable girls (Jesse and Trixie) instead. Why did I do that?
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Down the Allergy Rabbit-Hole
Strongbred dog breeders are dedicated to breeding health, long-lived dogs, which requires a completely open and honest channel of communication between owners and breeders. Breeders can only help when owners speak up about their dog's health.
A word on open and honest American Alsatian dog health reporting
The American Alsatian Health Group is designed specifically for all of us to work together to help improve the lives of the precious furry friends we love.
Strongbred breeders must always remember that something greater than ourselves is at work
Humans are not in control. The moment we think we are in control is the moment we lose one of our most valuable assets as breeders; humility.
Companion Dog vs Working Dog
Many training facilities will tell you that you must teach engagement with your puppy. Engagement training is when the puppy learns to keep focus on its handler for an extended period of time.
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Understanding Current Events: Euthanasia
Standing near the cold metal table, my fingers shook as they ran gently through the soft fur of my best friend of the last two years.
Wolves Walking in the Snow
Canine Instincts – Prey Drive
Have you ever known a dog of any breed to be completely void of all prey drive instincts?
Lois and Minerva
Breeding Strongbred Dogs is COMPLETELY Different than Breeding Purebreds
Breeding a NEW breed of dog means a breeder must ‘outcross’ to get desired results, select pups that can get the breeder to the ‘blue print’ of what she is looking for, then ‘INTERBREED’ to keep it.