Winter is coming!
Last week’s Black Friday deal was a great success!
Signs of labor?
Jesse, our newest expectant American Dirus, is gearing up for a special event
direwolf express map
I hear the train a comin'. It's rollin' 'round the bend.
We’re heating up the steam engine, folks!
laBrea Evans.png
An expectant mother's connection
On a crisp autumn evening, after the dogs had been fed
rocky mountain high Stanley and Jengu
Puppies are on the way!
It’s been a little bit since we’ve heard the quiet squeaks of newborn puppies.
Yeti 7.5 months facing forward.png
Oops!! I made a mistake and DNA proves it!
Did I mention Vlad was Yeti’s dad?
Hercules outside
A place where the extraordinary meets the exceptional
In the serene landscapes of the Pacific Northwest,
Lock walking forward
The most painful thing about owning a great dog
What’s the most painful thing about owning a great dog?
How accurate are breed identification DNA tests?
Since we have been on the topic of genetics this week…
Grace pup4
Exciting News: A Pawsitive Change in Our Pack!
The choice I had to make revolved around two outstanding individuals: Marie Curie and her sister, Grace Hopper.
Giants Litter Banner
The land where giants dwell
a prophecy foretelling the return of the legendary giants of old has been found at the Dire Wolf Project.
Destined to become legendary
there is a love story that will capture your heart—Vlad and Jesse,
my stanley.jpg
Future Litters REVEAL!
FINALLY, The day you’ve been waiting for has arrived!
Survey Results + My Thoughts
A BIG thank you to everyone who replied with their thoughts
Baruh Platform.jpg
How to mix and match a dire wolf
AH… Genetics!
NEW scientific breakthrough for dogs
Technological advancements are sky rocketing at hyper speed.
Yeti (2).jpg
Snuggling up to a Yeti
have never seen a more serene, quiet puppy
Marie pup2
10 Reasons Why Girl Are Better Than Boys
Here are ten good reasons why female dogs might be better than males:
a tale of unexpected beginnings
When the Imagination Runs Wild
The wolf dog stood by his master's side,
brown wolf hybrid.jpg
BREAKING NEWS: Cleveland, Ohio Wolf Dog Attack!
Oh man… this is so sad.
high content black wolf hybrid.jpg
Then, the unthinkable occurred..
Prepare yourself for a story that will grip your heart
Kodiak and Grinch
How much do wolf dogs cost?
Living in Harmony
Modern Day Eugenics in Dog Breeding
the Dire Wolf Project brings you relevant information about dogs
high content black wolf hybrid.jpg
Tragedy struck in Cleveland
A heart-wrenching incident
Health: Highly Aggressive Bone Cancer (Part 3)
highly aggressive form of bone cancer
Boss 3.jpg
Health: Highly Aggressive Bone Cancer (Part 2)
Dire Wolf Project is to open and honest health reporting.
Health: Highly Aggressive Bone Cancer (Part 1)
The Dire Wolf Project was founded on radical open and honest health reporting.
Essex walking in the forest
A heartwarming tale of love and friendship
building connections and sharing unforgettable moments.
Essex 9.jpeg
What do an NBA basketball player, a famous horror novelist, and a senator have in common?
They all own an An American Dirus!
Award Winning Excellence!
We won a Global Business Award for 2023!
Fall 2023 Future Litters Updates
what I know about the future fall litters.
my boys 2.jpg
Here's what AI says about the Dire Wolf Project!
I asked ChatGPT 3.5 to write an article on the Dire Wolf Project.
Lady Elaine mr. rogers.jpg
It's National Strongbred Day! Let's celebrate dog diversity. 🥰
National Mutt Day.
cloning a dog in South Korea.jpg
Unveiling the astonishing secrets behind laboratory puppy mills
Unveiling the astonishing secrets behind laboratory puppy mills
We were nominated for an award!
What award, you ask?
Genius Litter Newborns
Grateful for the freedom to breed STRONGBRED dogs
I am grateful for the freedom to breed dogs in a way that is sustainable and focused on superior health and longevity above all else.
golden doodle.jpg
Goldendoodle puppies are all the rage!
Goldendoodle puppies are all the rage right now.
Sir Isaac Newton - 3 weeks old - 3.jpeg
Why we don't hip x-ray our breeding dogs
we appreciate your dedication to our cause…
Sir Isaac Newton - 3 weeks old - 3.jpeg
your week is about to get a WHOLE lot happier!
May this week be a productive and fulfilling one for you.
Do you breed REAL dire wolves?
I had a completely different email in mind for today
Why our "high-priced" dogs are better than cheap ones
Why our "high-priced" dogs are better than cheap ones
dog and soldier.png
Memorial Day Gift
Let’s give thanks today for those many brave souls who paid the ultimate price for our freedom... including the four-legged ones.
Why do we have leftover puppies?
QUESTION: Why have Lady Elaine and Maggie not found homes? Just curious…
baby Einsteins are 13 days old.jpg
You're a genius if you love this litter!
These baby Einsteins are now 13 days old!
Genius Litter Newborns
20 reasons we are the best dog breeding program in the world!
We DNA test every single dog born into the project.
Angel long hair standing
Through the Looking Glass
The Dire Wolf Project has tracked owner reported health issues
Did you know dogs can be superstitious?
Do you go around the outside of a ladder instead of under it,?
Regina Has Got This!
This morning I woke up after 11 a.m.
Genius litter.jpg
Regina had her litter!!!
I woke up at 4:30 this morning.
puppies road trip
I never had children. I had puppies.
I felt much like a first time father
Dock of the Bay - dot female newborn
Sittin' on the dock of the bay are 6 beautiful puppies
Direwolf project inner circle newsletter
Mr Rogers Litter - 2 weeks old - blue
Most unique dog breeding program on earth... here's why!
Mr. Rogers Litter (Essex/Meriwether) puppies are two weeks old now.
Marina - 2
From the brink of Death
Jay peered into the new puppy den
Can artificial intelligence lie to you?
another article about our dog breed.
A little Bit of Opal in your life
Yesterdays email was a hit!
The Miners Litter banner.png
The Gold Rush begins with a flood of miners!
Boy do I have a treat for you today!
Baluster teen1
Have we identified the giant gene!?
Creating a giant breed
Clementine 12 - 13
Home Remedies that Work
Natural healing remedies
Angel long hair standing
Why you want a dog that sheds
Shedding is a good thing
Can a Wolf be 100% domesticated?
Can a wolf be domesticated?
Mr Rogers - 4 weeks old
A Movin' and a Shakin'
Dire Wolf Project News - March 8, 2023 Issue #78
Puppies are growing so fast!
Dire Wolf Project News - April 5, 2023 Issue #96
Albreta Teen 2
Lazy vs Calm: Can you tell the difference?
What is a lazy dog and how is it different than a calm one? Find out in this post.
King Friday
The two most prominent health issues in the American Dirus dog breed
The two most prominent health issues in the Dire Wolf Project breed have a reported incidence rate of 3% and 1.5% at this time. Find out what they are in this post.
Jay with Sea Monsters Litter
Is the Dire Wolf Project a puppy mill?
Name calling runs rampant in our society today, but are the rumors true? Find out more in this post.
Essex walking in the forest
The Right Family for the Right Puppy
It is important for the right family to match with the right breeder, because that is where the right puppy will come from.
Jay with Sea Monsters Puppy
13 Vet Checkup Requirements
Dr. Dale Carnegie, DVM checks over each puppy one at a time before they leave on the DireWolf Express trip. Find out what veterinarian check-up requirements must be performed before the puppies leave for their new homes.
What Strongbred Dog Breeders Know
American Dirus dogs are strongbred because they are bred for health/longevity first, have a natural look, are the world's first large breed of companion dog, and work together in unity with every American Dirus breeder.
6 week old puppy
Health: Cancer and Fasting
Is there a role for carbohydrate restriction in cancer prevention? Find out more in this article.
Beautiful American Alsatian puppy with a black mask
Never Inbreed Ever?
Is there any time a breed should inbreed? If so, how much inbreeding is TOO much? Find out more in this article.
Losing a Best Friend
If I die, I will wait for you, do you understand? No matter how long.
Health: Parasites
Virtually all domestic animals in North America have giardia somewhere in their guts! A review of these nasty creatures follows.
Short and long-coated American Alsatian puppies
Breeding Dogs with Known Health Issues?
QUESTION: Is there ever a reason to breed a dog with a known health issue? Find out in this article!
Stool Scale
Healthy Stool
Your dog's stool can tell you a lot about their health. Find out more about this stinky topic by clicking the link.
White puppy
Health: Innocent Heart Murmur
My puppy has a heart murmur! What do I do?
Health: Canine Multifocal Retinopathy
The Dire Wolf Project has a crazy genetic disease called Canine Multifocal Retinopathy lingering in the breed.
Black American Alsatian puppy at 7 weeks old
Disease Prevention vs. Disease Elimination
Why do all wild animals not have to health test to make sure they are not carriers of some hidden genetic disease? Because its not about prevention... its about elimination.
Health: Bloat
The story of the first dog to show bloat symptoms in the Dire Wolf Project.
Health: Hypothyroidism
Dog with the worst case of hypothyroidism the breed has ever seen!
Kodiak Puppy
United Dire Wolf Project Breeders
How do united Dire Wolf Project breeders respond o new genetic health issues that arise within the breed?
Health: MMM
it is important to note that masticatory muscle myositis (MMM) is now at a reported occurrence rate of 1% within the last five years and .2% throughout the lifetime of the breed.
Seven Different Ways to Heal Dog Genetic Health
We adhere to the seven different ways to begin to heal the genetic health in purebred dogs. Read about them here.
Kodiak and Grinch
Health: Hip Dysplasia
a very important message with everyone regarding hip dysplasia in dogs as it pertains to the American Alsatian dog breed.
American Alsatian DireWolf Dog, Cotton Candy, looking happy in the snow.
Breeding Female Dogs Consecutively
Why does the Dire Wolf Project breed certain dogs consecutively four or five times?
Open and Honest Health Reporting
A word on open and honest American Alsatian dog health reporting,
Enoch Puppy
Health: Kidney Disease and Ectopic Ureters
Where does the breed stand where kidney disease is concerned in the breed.
Health: Panosteitis
As you may know, Panosteitis (pano) has been reported in a few dogs within the breed. It has now come to our attention that several other dogs have shown this painful inherited growth disease.
When NOT to Get an American Dirus
In this article, let's explore the reasons why a family would NOT want to consider an American Dirus Dog for their family.
Blue Bay Shepherd - Wikimedia - Flawoo.jpg
Canine Genetic Alphabet Soup
What do eastern timber wolves, French German Shepherd Dogs, Blue Bay Shepherds from Florida, and Timber Shepherds® have in common? While they may sound distinct from one another, in fact, they are all related in a blended mélange of canine soup.
Everything is Trademarked
American Alsatian dogs have an active trademarked dog breed. Why do we trademark our breed name? It might not be why you think. Find out all the details in this article.
Why DireWolf Dogs are Expensive
As we come closer to the ideal look and exact bone/body structure of the extinct, prehistoric Dire Wolf, DireWolf Dogs bred by Dire Wolf Project breeders will increase puppy prices. Are they greedy or is there a valid reason behind the price hike?
Peer Inside a Strongbred Breeder's Mind
I initially wanted to keep Zurg and Buttercup from the Toy Story Litter (Tudor/Razar), but when I received their DNA testing reports back, I changed my mind and chose the two gold wolf sable girls (Jesse and Trixie) instead. Why did I do that?
Down the Allergy Rabbit Hole.jpg
Down the Allergy Rabbit-Hole
Strongbred dog breeders are dedicated to breeding health, long-lived dogs, which requires a completely open and honest channel of communication between owners and breeders. Breeders can only help when owners speak up about their dog's health.
A word on open and honest American Alsatian dog health reporting
The American Alsatian Health Group is designed specifically for all of us to work together to help improve the lives of the precious furry friends we love.
Strongbred breeders must always remember that something greater than ourselves is at work
Humans are not in control. The moment we think we are in control is the moment we lose one of our most valuable assets as breeders; humility.
Companion Dog vs Working Dog
Many training facilities will tell you that you must teach engagement with your puppy. Engagement training is when the puppy learns to keep focus on its handler for an extended period of time.
euthanasia post.jpg
Understanding Current Events: Euthanasia
Standing near the cold metal table, my fingers shook as they ran gently through the soft fur of my best friend of the last two years.
Wolves Walking in the Snow
Canine Instincts – Prey Drive
Have you ever known a dog of any breed to be completely void of all prey drive instincts?
Lois and Minerva
Breeding Strongbred Dogs is COMPLETELY Different than Breeding Purebreds
Breeding a NEW breed of dog means a breeder must ‘outcross’ to get desired results, select pups that can get the breeder to the ‘blue print’ of what she is looking for, then ‘INTERBREED’ to keep it.