Letter from the Editor--Goals of the Publishing Company

By Jay Stoeckl, Editor-in-Chief, Feb. 8, 2022
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Letter from the Editor 2/8/2022

Dear DireWolf family,

I hope this letter finds you healthy and happy this 2022 winter season. I want to share with you something I discovered on my own when it comes to having to be at home during the world crisis. I found a wonderful escape that, in my humble opinion, is far better than movies and television.

Jennifer and I started this publishing company with two goals in mind. The first was to provide informational texts and photographic journals wrapped around our favorite breed of dog. The second goal is to create a world of the DireWolf Dog that each of us can enter and be a part of.

I saw in my mind an image of my favorite person, sitting in a comfortable chair in front of the fire. Her DireWolf Dog is lying at her feet, an expression of sleepy contentedness painted across its face. Outside the window a light snowfall is transforming their outside garden into a winter wonderland.

With a cup of something hot and sweet, the woman is wiling away her solitary time with a book. It is a cozy mystery series about a homeless man and his dog who involuntarily find themselves working alongside a detective to solve the crime. She loves the main character, Solomon, and she envisions the dog Bond to be just like the one lying next to her.

You are all already a part of something epic just being members of our DireWolf family. Within that family, I am hoping to find like-minded kindred spirits who love to read. This would be a unique entity inside the already prestigious DireWolf Dog community who would love to come together to share tales and favorite authors they encountered during their winter pastime.

In the coming months I want to promote books outside our publishing company as a way of initiating this quaint corner of like-minded people. These will be books not sold by us, but relevant and recommended across the board in any genre available. Many will be new, talented authors looking for a space to share their works.

Please write to me if you would like to be a part of this. I would love to hear your thoughts regarding this new journey we are embarking upon.