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Well Something amazing just happened...
Well… Today, I WAS going to send out a great list of our community’s most popular pet insurance companies with their reviews,
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Something amazing just happened..
Something amazing just happened and I can NOT keep it to myself for an entire weekend!
Something HUGE is coming!
It’s going to be revolutionary!
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A Friday Christmas Eve Tale
In my final letter for a long time, I want to share with you a winter’s tale.
Where Have All the Good Tales Gone?
As many of you know, I love fiction writing.
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Unveiling a spectacular glimpse of cinematic magic!
I want to share with you a topic I don’t often talk about.You see…
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Fiction Tells a Deeper Truth
looking forward to Jennifer’s return.
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We're Starting to Grow!
And we're hoping you will share in this journey. Take a look at Jennifer's book covers and you'll begin to notice the small publishing branch of the Dire Wolf Project is looking like a real publishing company! This is extremely exciting.
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Jacob Lake Trilogy in Print!
Gabriel Paulson, author: I am happy to announce the trilogy is complete and available on Amazon! I had a great time putting this tale together and I cannot wait for you to read it!
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Letter from the Editor--Goals of the Publishing Company
I want to share with you something I discovered on my own when it comes to having to be at home during the world crisis. I found a wonderful escape that, in my humble opinion, is far better than movies and television.
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Seeking to Know Your Reading Interests
Reading a DireWolf Dog novel is a great way to Fill the Emptiness. It gives us something to dream about as our American Alsatian lies at our feet. We curl up in our favorite chair by the fire, a cup of something hot and sweet in our hands...
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2021 DireWolf Publishing Launch: a letter from the editor
2021 has been the official launch of DireWolf Publishing. As we brave the literary seas in a skiff made of paper, Jennifer and I had little to no idea how the Dire Wolf Dog world and beyond would respond to anything we put in print.
A Pleasure to Meet You
Greetings! I would like to introduce myself to our Dire Wolf Dog family! My name is Jay Stoeckl, I am Jennifer's husband and enthusiastic partner in the Dire Wolf Project. I would like to take this time...
An unprecedented time for the Dire Wolf Project!
There is no better time to be active in the Dire Wolf Project than right now! DireWolf Publishing is taking this unique culture into a new age and we very much want you to be key players.
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DireWolf Guardians Philosophy Book
For the last year, Dire Wolf Project co-founder, Jennifer Stoeckl, has been working on a beautiful hard-bound picture book. She features several stunning full-page photos of the American Alsatian dogs in her life.
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Jacob Lake Series Book 1: Pursuit of the Keepers second edition receives a new cover.
Gabriel Paulson's first novel, Pursuit of the Keepers will release its second edition with a new cover Sept. 1, 2021.
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Jacob Lake Series Book II: Pursuit of the Petras leaps into print Sept. 1st!
DireWolf Publishing announces its release of Gabriel Paulson's Jacob Lake Series Book II: The Pursuit of the Petras September 1, 2021.