Hearing dogs are trained to aid their handler’s when important sounds are heard. They can alert in many different ways, depending on the individual needs of the recipient. Hearing dogs may place a paw on the recipient’s knee, touch a small tug on the person’s belt, or nudge the person with their nose. Each hearing dog is initially trained to successfully alert to at least three different tasks. Hearing dogs generally need to be more energetic and willing to move at any moment when a sound is heard. But, they must also be smart and easy-going enough to calmly wait while there is no sound present.

DireWolf Guardians has successfully trained one hearing dog to certification. This dog was able to alert to the phone ringing, alert to boiling water on the stove, and alert to the knock at the door. She also was able to let her handler know that there was someone close behind them as they walked as well as when someone called the handler’s name. She ultimately did not go on to active assistance dog status, but is, instead, now working as a therapy dog.