There are many different types of service dogs including: mobility dogs, PTSD dogs, psychiatric service dogs, seizure alert or seizure response dogs, autism dogs, and medical alert dogs. Each type of service dog is trained specifically for the individual needs of the recipient in at least three different tasks. Service dogs may pick up dropped articles, push light buttons, open/close drawers, open/close doors, body block, lead someone out of a space during anxiety, lie under or on someone for protection during a seizure, find a lost recipient, and many more. Service dogs are varied and each potential DireWolf Guardian must be chosen specifically for the temperament traits that would best fit with the type of need.

DireWolf Guardians has successfully trained to certification one PTSD service dog that is currently actively working in the field. This PTSD dog was specifically trained to lead his recipient out of a space, body block, and apply deep pressure during anxiety.