Dire Wolf Project: Creating an Extraordinary Dog Breed

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Not just another dog breeding book, Dire Wolf Project: Creating an Extraordinary Dog Breed is a rare and unique glimpse into the minds that began creating the American Alsatian dog over thirty years ago. Jennifer Stoeckl, the co-founder of the Dire Wolf Project, shares intriguing stories, refutes critical arguments from skeptics, and fully explains the breed's most controversial breeding practices. Backed by scientific research, the Dire Wolf Project breaks the mold formed by the most rigid dog breeding minds in order to think outside the proverbial whelping box. The Dire Wolf Project is a much needed comprehensive solution to the most heartbreaking health issues experienced in purebred dogs today. The project draws on age old breeding practices that have long been forgotten by today's standards while at the same time develops revolutionary new ideas that bring this unique companion dog into the limelight of today's most prestigious dog breeds. Enter the extraordinary world of the Dire Wolf Project and learn how a new dog breed begins, what it takes to sustain a diverse population over time, and how to travel from purebred to strongbred on the road to healthy, long-lived dogs.