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The co-founder of the Dire Wolf Project, Jennifer Stoeckl, shares intriguing stories behind the American Dirus dog breed, refutes critical arguments from skeptics, and fully explains the breed's most controversial breeding practices. Backed by scientific research, the Dire Wolf Project breaks the mold formed by the most rigid dog breeding minds in order to think outside the proverbial whelping box.

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Don't you wish your new puppy came with an owner's manual? It does! Learn all that you need to know about feeding, adapting, and training a new puppy from eight weeks old to adult. Dire Wolf Project founder and American Alsatian dog breeder, Lois E. Schwarz gives a comprehensive guide to training new puppies.

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The American Alsatian dog founder Lois E. Schwarz narrates the story of how she founded and developed the American Alsatian dog breed from 1988 to the present day. Follow along with Lois from the beginning of the Dire Wolf Project. Lois shares the reasons for beginning this extraordinary dog breed and recalls each breed that created the recipe for the world's first large breed companion dog.

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DireWolf Guardians American Alsatian dog training program establishes the training philosophy behind the world's first large breed companion dog bred solely for family companionship and nothing more.