DireWolf Guardians Philosophy

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The American Alsatian dog is the first large breed of companion dog in the world!

Lois Schwarz developed this breed as a family companion dog and, from the beginning, established a specific set of temperament traits ideal for modern family life. Quiet, loyal and reserved. Devoted, intelligent and calm. The American Alsatian dog stands for individual ideals and compassionate love for our fellow man.

This unique companion dog requires specific training techniques to unlock each dog’s potential. Dire Wolf Project co-founder, Jennifer Stoeckl, shares the American Alsatian dog breed’s ideal training philosophy. Loaded with beautiful full-page pictures and inspiring stories, this hard-bound, coffee-table edition will promote lively conversation and present your family with a delightful treasure for many years to come.

Chapter 5 Excerpt


Introduction: DireWolf Guardians' Goal

Chapter 1: Nature's Lesson

Chapter 2: Freedom Through Discipline

Chapter 3: Predator Behavior

Chapter 4: Two Competing Predators

Chapter 5: A Dog's Native Language

Chapter 6: Canine Instincts

Chapter 7: Pressure vs Counterpressure

Chapter 8: Manners and Respect

Chapter 9: A Balanced Approach

Chapter 10: Teaching Clear Expectations

Chapter 11: Developing a Bonded Connection

Chapter 12: Freedom to Make Mistakes

Chapter 13: Consistency and Repetition

Chapter 14: Inherited Temperament in the Canine

Chapter 15: A Perfect Personality Match

Chapter 16: Large Breed Family Companion Dog

Chapter 17: Companion Dogs as Working Dogs

Chapter 18: What Makes a Great Dog Trainer?

Chapter 19: Tips and Tricks